Jaguar XF Estate (2012) Won

Jaguar XF is launching a new building in 2012. Artistic Impression of the car reveals that the Jaguar XF car show - and the promise of the sources of the Jaguar is very sport wagon.

Despite being only a derivative of the XF sedan body, the real estate development XF takes some time and we will not see a car show this year.

Jaguar XF Summer (2012): why the delay?

Because Ford's product planners did not include a car from the first day of the body, Jaguar engineers are required to develop real estate XF from zero.

This is to make the project more expensive and more complex - and Jaguar will be the tool for the Castle Bromwich plant in the downtime during the holiday periods.

What is the true Jaguar XF think?

Our sources say that real estate XF will be the same length as the sedan 4961mm - and the excess is distributed well. We hear the surround XJ rear pillars will result in the car, having a second load lugger more striking than the Jaguar X-Type Estate is croup.

But despite the limitations package promises Jaguar XF property will be as convenient as the Audi A6 Avant and BMW 5 Series Touring, if not quite as large as head echoingly Class Mercedes E-Class Estate.

Why is the seal Jaguar XF building?

XF is a cat model sold approximately 30,000 units per year. XF in the UK accounts for 80% of all sales of the Jaguar.

The name of the game is to expand its portfolio of Jaguar. Thus, the 2.2 turbodiesel arrived September 1, 2011 extends to major centers of company car Jaguar XF real estate while putting the model on the radar of buyers even further. "

We expect to see the new Jaguar XF property at a European Motor Show in 2012, probably in Geneva or Paris. A U.S. debut is unlikely, because the cars do not cut it in America.

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