BMW B7 Alpina Bi-Turbo Allrad [Reviews]

With the BMW Alpina B7 Bi-Turbo Allrad, for the first time, Morgane combines the powerful torque peak load of the optional all-wheel-drive for more traction and active safety of each and every driving situation.

BMW Alpina B7 Bi-Turbo with all wheel drive Allrad exploit the technical potential of BMW xDrive system and its intelligent and dynamic distribution of drive power. And 'ever-changing and full axles front and rear torque distribution in a few milliseconds.

Alpina mapping unique torque distribution greatly improves handling and agility, especially in the turns, unexpected levels to sporty driving. In addition to providing maximum traction and acceleration, the system provides an exceptional level of active safety by constantly monitoring the situation and the driving torque distribution accordingly.
All-wheel-drive system with the BMW B7 Alpina Bi-Turbo are many electronic control systems, which means it can offer a uniquely wide range of dynamic driving experience, just like our demanding customers expect. Unique to the electronic suspension, which consists of adjusting the shock absorbers and variable Dynamic Drive (active roll stabilization), the driver can influence the dynamic distribution of torque all-wheel-drive system uses the Dynamic Drive Control button to select programs.

Comfort / Standard: Set-up for maximum safety and comfort, handling is clearly forgives and sudden changes in direction slight understeer met.

Sports: facilitate assertive behavior with active stabilizers programmed neutral handling reduces understeer.

Sport + professional drivers who are here to enjoy the special program, the bias torque is shifted from the main rear wheels, when levels of lateral acceleration and super-sporty driving style unprecedented luxury models. In addition, the DSC is automatically DTC mode, which reduces the intervention of the stability and allowing more slip at any time to the drive wheels.

What Sport Comfort, Normal or is selected, the system recognizes a lateral acceleration of 0.5 m/s2, such as driving and sports-oriented firm and increases the couple moved to the rear wheels without reducing stability.

The instantaneous torque distribution and fully variable remains active regardless of the chosen program and provides consistently high levels of traction and active safety in all situations, as when driving on roads varied.

In spite of a high torque of the BMW B7 Alpina Bi-Turbo Allrad intervention system in the DSC stability control braking or reducing engine power is rarely necessary, because an intelligent torque distribution is highly effective in neutralizing the directions below or oversteer at the beginning.
The Alpina B7 BMW Bi-Turbo Allrad tracks in and out of every corner like on rails - the levels of management, lateral acceleration, yaw rate and speed always determine the amount of torque to be provided to the shaft to ensure maximum progress forward.

All of this happens instantly and smoothly, the separation of powers goes to the driver noticing. It makes a smooth, fluid driving on winding roads sports, in particular, experience harmonious.

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