Fiat Idea (2011)[Reviews]

The idea successful Fiat gains new importance of becoming more competitive. Among them. New exterior styling, new engines E.torQ, a selection of current releases and technology

The design of new Fiat Idea, developed in Brazil by Centro Estilo Fiat [Fiat Style Centre] for Latin America, the model offers a more sophisticated tone with lines not corresponding to well-defined plans limited by grooves. At the rear, new LED tail lights - Fiat Idea is the first domestic car to offer this technology. They show a strong identity of the model, add a unique look.

The interior of the new idea offers a comfortable ride, even the first-class finish and a generous and well used. With flat floor rear seats with headrests and three together, it takes five people comfortably.

The new idea of ​​Fiat now offers the new engine family E.torQ, 1.6 16V and 1.8 16V, developed by the engineering department of FPT - Powertrain Technologies. Flex-fuel (runs on any mixture of ethanol and gasoline) and 16-valve engine offers the advanced performance with emissions, economy and low noise and, in addition to reliability and durability . They are made to the newly opened engine plant in Campo Largo, ParanĂ¡.

Now, customers can choose from seven versions of the new series of the Fiat Idea: There are three engine configurations (four 1.4, E. Torq 1.6 16V and 1.8 16V), four trim levels (attractive, Essence, and Sports adventure) and two transmissions - five-speed manual or automatic Dualogic ® - always to meet customer needs with the best cost-benefit ratio.
Since its launch in 2005, the Fiat Idea is already a success. The original lines, and a wide range of interiors, is well balanced, compact size of the operations of the vehicle passenger car carrying a series of new products in the segment.

The technology was an important aspect of this formula. Skydome sunroof, ABS brakes, airbags, hands-free Bluetooth ™, rain sensor, parking and evening, among others, has captivated customers. He was also the only model in its segment to offer two engines Flex.

The following year, Fiat Auto concept of leverage to offer in the Adventure version. Fiat Idea Adventure was the first minivan in the country with a light off-road appeal, comfort and space in a vehicle together urban style and ruggedness of an SUV. This in a complete car with a long list of standard items.

In 2008, another important step: Fiat Idea Adventure was given the power differential, the lockers. Fiat was the first manufacturer worldwide to offer a vehicle with a differential lock in a car with front wheel drive. Today's adventure the whole family have this important resource, which helps the vehicle to deal with difficult road conditions. A year later, the received version of the automatic transmission Dualogic ® option, to make driving more enjoyable.

Now, the evolution of the Fiat Idea is released. Sleeker, more efficient and complete, has all the attributes to go on their way to success.

Sophisticated design

New lines of Fiat's new idea to emphasize its strong personality. Its contours have been developed entirely new Fiat Style Centre for Latin America and the changes include the increase in both the front and back, turning the model even more visionary, dynamic and elegant sports tang.

In the front grill cover, front bumper is new, giving a more rounded front and taxation. The chapel has become clearer, with the planes and grooves well defined curves. The bumper is more robust and attractive and at the same time, the network has intensified. These elements give the new idea of ​​a stylish Fiat.

What draws attention is the new dual-reflector headlights polyelliptical projector that provide better light distribution and uniformity excellent. They have become larger and tilted, with a sloping shape resembles a triangle with rounded corners. Its design, rich in detail, highlighting the contrast of textures and colors for the right version of every new thought, strengthens the aura of vitality of the new Fiat Idea.

Great changes have been made behind the Fiat Idea. Tailgate - integrated profile - glass and rear are new and fit perfectly the model a more dynamic expression lines and well-defined surfaces. The rear bumper, the vehicle transporting the pot built, the shape of the front. Harmonised index of the lines of the car, going through the effort and the Fiat Idea modernity.

Tail lights are a major innovation. Bring innovative technologies, LED lighting and lighting control. It 'the first time, a model produced in Brazil can be lamps of this type. The new mask is also a matte finish cosmetic lamps. This Fiat Idea acquires one-of-a-kind look, it's easy to find, even over long distances.

LEDs - that respond more quickly to the activation of their service life and are better than traditional light bulbs - light bulbs mounted on producing a differentiated view of the lights when driving car [parking, side / signals, brakes and lights backup] are at the top and return to the light guides. They also offer low power consumption, high shock and vibration, as well as high-performance color. Although it can be a designer, this technology makes the lamps look the other drivers even easier. The brake light is also composed of LEDs.

Half received a new front bumper and chrome bands, stylish machine that will help determine the corresponding planes. Outside mirrors are larger (up to 40% compared to the previous ones) - to improve visibility and therefore safety - and the LED side repeaters and direction of light guides. Alloy wheels, wheel covers and knobs are new.
Versions of adventure sports and gained exclusive details. For the Sport version, a set of stylistic elements was created, resulting in a more sporty and attractive. It consists of unique side skirts, wing spoilers front and rear wheels, and more lights and lamps with a black mask. Version of the adventure of a specific bumper and wheel arches and side overlays, which gives a robust - because it fits well with its use. The spare tire is exposed, covered and protected by a guard that has been developed for this new idea of ​​Fiat.

More comfort

The interior has also received attention and news. The front seats are more attractive, making it even easier for drivers to find the best driving position. The seat cushion can be leather, armrest can also have the possibility of adding a small table in the back of the front passenger seat. The seats also won new differentiated tissues for each version and the adoption of technology in relief, which applies landforms and drawings, which provide even more. The new structure of the seat has a new height regulations. With more than 20 mm wider, which improves the ergonomics of the model. The steering wheel, likewise, is something new. Its modern design with a touch of sportiness, provides driving comfort and beauty as well.

Convenience is another important aspect of the interior. Owners located in strategic locations to maximize interior space in an intelligent manner. Focus on the overhead console with four slide and the mirror to monitor the rear seats - an exclusive feature of the standard segment in all versions.

Another important detail is the adoption of the electric lock for the trunk in all versions of the new idea of ​​Fiat. It is no longer a drum. This extends the comfort and security as the tailgate can be opened remotely or from inside the car. By simply pressing the button on the remote control or block the door knob on the center of the dashboard. This resource is also reflected in a cleaner look to the cover. The new Fiat idea also comes with a new air conditioner. More effective, it brings the air in the registration of new addition and the new electric fan to improve and increase the flow by 38%.

Petrol versions and attractive the idea of ​​receiving a new Fiat board of white light. Modern and with better vision, which leads to the speedometer, tachometer, fuel level and water temperature gradually and a digital display with clock, odometer, trip computer, and my car Fiat. Optionally, the petrol versions can be equipped with a more complete panel, which provides information on board computer information B temperature gauges, radio, calendar and external.

Fiat Idea Sporting an exclusive panel was created with white light and the "Sporting" inscription, which shows a complete set of information: temperature gauges speedometer, tachometer, fuel level and water gradually, computers on A and B, odometer, clock, radio, calendar and outside temperature gauge.

Adventure versions also have a tiered instrument panel with exclusive silkscreen. It provides the same information as the panel Fiat Idea Sporting.

Regardless of the version designed for the panel include an integrated set of new colors, materials and textures with the steering wheel and dashboard. Every detail has been designed to provide even more driving pleasure.

New engines

Fiat Idea is a choice of three engine configurations: Fire 1.4 8V Flex and the new 1.6 16V and 1.8 16V E.torQ and Flex. 1.4 engine is the same, which is equipped with the Fiat Idea Elx now recognized as a good balance between performance, fuel economy.

Now, new engines E.torQ offer high efficiency with excellent torque at low revs, without sacrificing consumption. They are manufactured at the most modern of FPT - Powertrain Technologies in Campo Largo, ParanĂ¡.

E.torQ engines are compact and lightweight. They are also environmentally friendly, work quietly and low emissions, which are adapted to the latest regulations

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