Hamann Victory II [Reviews]

Hamann already made the car based on the first super sports car Lamborghini Gallardo Victory. With the latest Gallardo LP560-4, is now also a new Hamann Victory II, will be introduced. Body and performance of the largest engine, as well as the number of components of coal has increased significantly.

And what is the essence of the Lamborghini? Yes, it is a swing. And no one really knows why the Gallardo does not have an immediately. Hamann offers this for the Victory II. They also offer the entire treatment of the original frame, which begins a new run front spoiler, drawing on the central carbon. New front fenders and rear fender extensions, Hamann Victory II, makes it look even more. Extended side skirts and the air intake on the roof - available in carbon, and - to reinforce this impression. His back is to improve the diffuser and redesigned rear wing pushes the car the road at high speed. Hamann offers a rear wing, both in fiberglass or carbon ultra light and stable. On top of that the carbon layer can be applied to the bonnet.

Hamann Victory II, equipped with 20-inch wheels Edition Race a special paint to highlight a new and dynamic. At the same time, reducing the unsprung mass to improve handling and acceleration and braking response. The recommended wheel / tire combination is 9.5Jx20 inches with 235/30ZR20 tires in front and 325/25ZR20 rear tires with wheels 13Jx20.
By adjusting the engine electronics, Hamann squeeze more performance out of the Italian Stallion, adding its power to 427 kW/580 hp and maximum torque of 575 Nm Therefore, the Victory II, Hamann reaches an impressive 328 km / h to maximum speed.

The sound becomes even more impressive V10 perceptible using a silencer to the end line as standard.

The interior of the Hamann Victory II is enhanced by a set of carbon-14 that includes a mix decorative part, steering wheel and door openers. Hamann sport seats and backs with carbon to form a perfect sitting position. If desired, leave the apartment Hamann can offer anything to make the heart beat faster for customers. Floor carpet or leather team as a whole, everything is handmade by master craftsmen. Individually designed for you and your car fitted by experts.

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