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Latest Italian Cars Ferrari 458 2011 - Car News Ferrar latest supercar, which is labeled 458 Italian. This car will replace the F430. From the aspect of the engine, design, aerodynamics, controls, instrumentation, and ergonomically, 458 total new.


Latest Car 2011 Mercedes-Benz CL63 AMG. Mercedes-Benz launched its latest car, Mercedes-Benz CL63 AMG 2011. The new car is powered by a biturbo 5.5-liter V8 is the latest with 537 hp (400 kW / 544 PS) and 800 Nm (590 lb-ft).


The hybrid craze has gone to new levels and everyone wants in on the action. Unlucky for those that are late in joining the game.


For the latest model year onward, Jaguar's XJ luxury sedan has an all-new look that ditches the retro styling of the previous model for a much more contemporary look. Priced from $72,500, the car rivals the BMW 7-Series and Mercedes-Benz S-Class lines.


The Maserati GranTurismo is big, wide, and heavy. Even in its new, racy MC guise, it is more of a GT than a hard-core sports car.

Lincoln MKX (2011) [Reviews]

The new, industry-exclusive technologies for designing and conducting world-class craftsmanship and materials continue to raise the 2011 Lincoln MKX luxury crossover mid-sized.

Lead the major innovations is the new driver Connect MyLincoln Touch Technology, which offers a smarter, safer, simpler to connect the wires to the board technologies and their digital life. MyLincoln comes standard on the 2011 Lincoln MKX gives drivers a whole new experience behind the wheel.

"Its combination of style, performance and uncompromising luxury, the Lincoln MKX has brought new customers to Lincoln showrooms in such a way that very few products have before," said Derrick Kuzak, group vice president, Global Product Development. "Customers tell us that Lincoln was more concerned about style and technique, and the new Lincoln MKX meet these needs perfectly. MyLincoln The new touch technology will change the way customers interact with their vehicles, while the new language of form gives the vehicle a very personal and elegant know customers will love. "

The new drama of the 2011 Lincoln MKX extends to all areas of vehicle: new features and technologies are not available elsewhere, improved exterior styling, new interior design with increased use of materials authentic, with a new engine of fuel efficiency, driving pleasure and new tires and wheels combine to provide an unparalleled luxury experience.

"The 2011 Lincoln MKX is luxury without compromise," says Elaine Bannon, chief engineer "Each attribute -. technology, ergonomics, choice of materials, energy, fuel economy, driving experience - is an exceptional example On the other hand, wrapped in a beautiful package .. "

MyLincoln just the beginning of the packaging technology 2011 Lincoln MKX

The first industry experience MyLincoln Touch, powered by Lincoln SYNC ®, replaces traditional vehicle buttons, dials and gauges with clear, crisp LCD screens and five-way buttons like those found on mobile phones and MP3 players . The screens can be customized to display information relevant to each driver with a single button, the voice command or touch screen prints.

The electronic finish panel on the 2011 Lincoln MKX demonstrates all the benefits of touch technology in a beautiful attractive packaging. Activated functions appear yellow. When off, the signature Lincoln White lighting displays.

In addition to the usual audio and climate control functions, including technology touch volume control and fan control that are exclusive to Lincoln.

Customers can swipe their fingers on the slider to adjust the volume. The cursor has 10 separate contact points, three strokes complete the system volume limit. Customers also can play anywhere along the slider to increase or decrease the volume.

Fan control works similarly. Both the volume control and fan control, the distinctive Lincoln White lighting acts as a hunter.

As the song? You can feel it

Also new for 2011 Lincoln MKX is the world's first use of encryption available pre-installed iTunes ® HD Radio ™ receiver. Enabled for voice-activated navigation system through the SYNC, iTunes Tagging gives customers the opportunity to "capture" a song they hear on HD Radio receiver for later purchase on iTunes. With a simple button button "tag" on the radio display the song information is stored in the memory of the radio.

When a song is tagged and customers dock their iPod to SYNC, the "tagged" information transfer songs to iPod. When the iPod is then synchronized with iTunes, a playlist of songs marked appear. Up to 100 tags on SYNC can be stored until the iPod is connected. When an iPod is connected, the tags are transferred to iPod synchronization. Customers can then preview, buy and download songs from the iTunes Store labeled, if desired.

An important advantage of HD Radio technology is that the sound quality of the program has improved considerably due to digital transmission - FM and AM sounds like CD, such as FM broadcasts today. In addition, unlike analog broadcasts, digital broadcasts are not susceptible to interference problems, dizziness and others.

The interior is packed with new features and Crafts

The interior of Lincoln MKX 2011 reflects a greater emphasis on defining the Lincoln DNA: luxury, craftsmanship, authentic materials and sharper performance.

Be careful detail brings out the standards of quality and expertise includes polishing Lincoln vents, seams on real doors and softer armrests with improved materials. The cup holders, with the ambient light available beneath the leather-covered independent sliding console lid, which features decorative stitching. Steering column tilt / telescoping and heated leather steering wheel is available.

Brand new leather-trimmed seats, comfort items and a smoking band embrace the new standard Lincoln DNA sew style. Applications aluminum More authentic are standard, with aluminum accents on the door added to the spears on the dashboard.

The two available wood accents - Olive Ash and Walnut Swirl - on the steering wheel, dashboard and doors add character and shape of each choice has a lively, natural look that adds even more character to the interior . Whether customers choose aluminum or wood, the increased use of authentic materials in the 2011 Lincoln MKX ensures that each interior will be distinctive.

"Everything on the 2011 Lincoln MKX is vibrant and luxurious," said Bannon. "Our system makes MyLincoln touch people, helping them to understand that the new Lincoln MKX offers a driving experience not found anywhere else altogether."

The 2011 Lincoln MKX will be built at the assembly plant in Oakville, Ontario, Canada.

AC Schnitzer 99d Concept (2011) [Reviews]

The concept of AC Schnitzer 99d produces only 99g/km of CO2 - that's less than any BMW production car today.

And this in spite of driving pleasure is guaranteed with 190 hp / 140 kW. 99d accelerates from 0-100 in 6.9 seconds and the electrifying speed is 235 km / h - all the sporting genes of the vehicle, in fact, true AC Schnitzer. And the fuel consumption of just 3.8 liters of diesel per 100 kilometers.

So how does this concept car from AC Schnitzer manage to achieve these numbers low? AC Schnitzer calls the combination of characteristics of effective performance.

"Joy is the driving force!" This applies not only to BMW engineers, but also - and especially - for setting the AC Schnitzer specialists.

Diesel engine and transmission corresponding

A diesel engine in a BMW Z4, and the most effective currently available for BMW. This is the 320d EfficientDynamics. And, of course, now the power has been optimized by experts Aachen to 190 HP and 420 Nm of torque (standard 320d EfficientDynamics Edition: 163 hp).

Savings of 230 kg

Elegant lightweight coupe shows what is technically possible today. Source of energy as a lightweight Li-ion battery instead of the usual lead-acid battery. The continued use of lightweight materials like carbon, magnesium and titanium, has reached another significant savings for the internal equipment. So it is lighter than any current standard BMW.

Reducing the weight of the unsprung mass

Weight 35 kg less in the more directly connected to the wheels, wheels, tires and brakes, resulted in a significant gain agility and driving pleasure. The latest forging techniques using materials from the force to ensure that the aerospace and weight gain insurmountable. For example, the AC Schnitzer lightweight 4-pot brake system of high performance with a retraction system for the front axle and brake discs at the front light and rear axle to ensure shorter braking distances.

Or type VIII, one-piece forged wheels with high-strength AC Schnitzer 99d. They weigh only 7.9 kg per tire and are connected to the vehicle by bolts made of titanium. Experts say that measures to reduce unsprung weight is good for up to four times the weight savings. This means that the agility, the AC Schnitzer 99d overall feel of the vehicle weighs 335 pounds less.

Special Eco-Continental tires

Continental tires size 225/35 BLUECAR * 19 were very concept of development with the AC Schnitzer. These rings help to optimize rolling resistance. Design has been improved Conti Sport Contact 5P, and allows for sport-drive system makes the cornering stability and ZR speed rating over 240 km / h.

Adaptation of EfficientDynamics

The concept behind BMW EfficientDynamics technology package for intelligent measures that significantly reduce fuel consumption and emissions. These technologies are integrated into the AC Schnitzer BMW 320D 99d: Automatic start-stop, regenerative braking, changing gear, low-friction lubricants and active aerodynamics.

Improved aerodynamics

The body reduced by 30 mm, in collaboration with several AC Schnitzer carbon components to reduce drag. AC Schnitzer racing suspension with adjustable dampers reduces the residual strain on a sporting level, but still comfortable, especially when driving at low speed.

Reduced friction

Special ceramic wheel bearings to reduce friction resistance decisive. In addition, optimized low-friction lubricants to minimize friction. Powerful braking system is equipped with a special retraction system PFC, after which each of the braking process of withdrawal from the brake pads brake discs 0.1 mm. Wheels AC Schnitzer 99d to start much more easily.

Driving pleasure

Individuality and exclusivity, lightweight and modern construction over 20 years experience in the refinement led to the AC Schnitzer 99d to a vehicle that perfectly combines the fuel consumption and driving pleasure: the effective implementation of the AC Schnitzer.

Naturally, all the security features are preserved, such as ABS, airbags and ESP. The world media does not fail, thanks to the Apple iPhone 4 built into the car. This gives access to all data from the onboard computer. Thus, the actual fuel consumption, or for example the function of the particle can be controlled. Music, telephone, navigation, hands-free or Internet to complete the overall experience of AC Schnitzer 99d.

AC Schnitzer 99d is a concept car is not for sale, which had developed the technology platform. In form as in this case, the vehicle would have a cost of € 149,000.00.

Lincoln MKZ [Reviews]

The new 2010 Lincoln MKZ midsize sedan was designed for customers who have come to equate Lincoln with elegant, contemporary design, exceptional comfort, unrivaled features and top quality.

"The new Lincoln MKZ improves the success of the current MKZ with Lincoln's new signature look, appointments that amplify and expand the Lincoln portfolio and faster, more refined powertrain," said Mark Fields, president Ford of America.

New for 2010, contains the Lincoln MKZ a new sport version with adjustable sport suspension with stiffer springs and stabilizer bars special larger 18-inch wheels of polished Euroflange, darkened grille and headlamps and an interior with contrasting piping and unique applications.

The new Lincoln MKZ also offers segment-exclusive features, the first of its kind system blind spot information (BLIS ™) with Cross Traffic Alert (CTA), which makes navigating traffic and parking lots safer and easier.

BLIS tracks vehicles in the blind spot zones on either side of the vehicle using two multiple beam radar modules behind the rear fenders. LEDs in the exterior mirror on both sides of the vehicle warn the driver when a vehicle enters the defined blind spot zone, extending from the side mirror to 10 feet behind the vehicle and 10 meters from the vehicle.

CTA uses the BLIS radar sensors to alert the driver to deal with traffic while in reverse and backing out of parking spaces. CTA tracks up to 65 meters on both sides of the vehicle and warns the driver through both audible and visual alarms.

In addition to this new technology, mid-size sedan, the Lincoln MKZ offers synchronization, the next-generation voice-activated navigation, keyless entry, Easy Fuel capless fuel tank, brand THX audio and adaptive HID headlamps.

The new MKZ also features elements of Lincoln signature design, including the split-wing grille and thinner wraparound headlamps for a wider, sportier look. Its chamfered front fascia also shares a family resemblance with the Lincoln MKS, with a sculpted hood and ridges flowing into the pillar A. In the rear, the Lincoln MKZ has a lid with new LED taillights that accentuates the car's width and separated by large Lincoln star.

Lincoln MKZ's presence is reinforced with aluminum rims 17 inch, 17 inch chrome wheels available and are available 18-inch polished aluminum, which are included in the Sport Appearance Package with sport suspension.

Inside, the cabin reflects MKZ looking for more quality, genuine aluminum and wood finishes based on the package, a new instrument panel, detailed touches including welcome lighting, chimes, tuxedo stitching on leather seats Luxury and Bridge of Weir leather.

The luxury leather goods world-class Scotland, pioneered the Lincoln Continental Mark II and used on the MKS, wraps the MKZ seats. Lincoln MKZ leather is embossed, so the natural beauty and character of the grain to shine through.

The skin is cut from a maximum of 12 hours to ensure buttery soft hand, and Bridge of Weir uses chrome-free tanning process, which makes it easier to recycle.

"We've increased the luxury feel and improved what was already a great interior," says Peter Horbury, executive director of Design, North and South America. "We have a new interior theme with all-new primary touch points, complemented by new features and technologies that make 2010 Lincoln MKZ stand out in the competitive mid-size segment."

Faster engine performance, high fuel economy

The award-winning 3.5-liter V-6 Duratec 2010 Lincoln MKZ, which offers 263 horsepower and 249 lb-ft of torque. The 3.5-liter uses a compact, lightweight valve train double head cam peak power and smooth operation at high rpm.

This engine also incorporates intake camshaft variable to optimize the distribution of a slow smooth torque curve impressively large, with good power.

The six-speed transmission shift select automatic, which is front-wheel drive with four-wheel drive is available, is standard on the 2010 Lincoln MKZ. Powertrain performance is improved dramatically, with from 00 to 60 km / h decrease from 7.7 to 7.1 seconds.

The engine - and the Lincoln MKZ itself - is quieter. Each element of the package of sound was repeated.

"The customer definitely should notice how quiet the new MKZ," said Chief Engineer JD Shanahan. "It 'important - especially luxury sedan buyers who perceive that silence is responsible for the quality."

Lincoln MKZ engineering team also focused on the sub-mounting system of the engine, find the sound that balances sportiness and luxury, said Matt Hettenhouse, team leader of the powertrain.

A high 10.3:1 compression ratio and aluminum cylinder heads designed for high airflow and optimized combustion help complete the package, which supports the engine's ability to deliver excellent performance and fuel economy with low emissions.

Unique in the 2010 Lincoln MKZ are redesigned resonators in the air induction system. "They deliver the powerful sound Lincoln MKZ and refined customers expect," said Hettenhouse.

A six-speed transmission allows a lower first gear acceleration better and higher-speed highway mileage improved. The new standard SelectShift provides the driver with manual gear selection to improve sports performance. Climbing is blocked to protect the engine for more than roving. "Enhanced overdrive cancel" mode locks the fifth and sixth gears, allows you to move at high speed more engine braking and climbing for the feature "can assist".

The 2010 Lincoln MKZ was completely revised and refined ride comfort only.

The team changed the rear suspension control point lower control arm to move the roll center closer to the center of gravity, which improved the driving characteristics of manipulation. A hydraulic steering pump changes the variable flow rate at lower speeds to give a better response, improving the turning circle and easier parking efforts.

Lincoln MKZ is available in four-wheel drive (AWD) system was to have a better grip and less noise, vibration and harshness. The system uses an electro-mechanical clutch and employs two basic modes of torque transfer - pre-emptive torque (before slip) and slip-control torque (after slippage). This dual system gives the driver confidence in any situation, even if the suspension is specially designed to be neutral when cornering.

"When the Lincoln MKZ accelerates, even lightly, from a stop on any surface - dry pavement, wet pavement, sand, gravel, ice, mud - pre-emptive torque is transferred to the rear wheels," said Jim Fritz, AWD product engineer development. "When you add a way to control front wheel slip on slippery surfaces, slip control torque is added to equalize front and rear wheel speeds."

The AWD system works in line with brake traction control to give customers more confidence in the Lincoln MKZ. Ford's AdvanceTrac electronic stability control system keeps drivers in command as well.

"The driving experience has improved, with better management and control of the vehicle," said Shanahan. "Ride enhancements, a sport package, new technologies, the signature Lincoln design and a long history of quality to help the new 2010 Lincoln MKZ set a new standard of luxury in the midst of cars."

2010-Lincoln MKZ is built at Ford Hermosillo (Mexico) Stamping and Assembly Plant and will be in dealerships in spring 2009.

AC Schnitzer BMW X1 [Reviews]

The BMW X1 is the latest addition to the segment of compact vehicles welcome, and will see the "driving pleasure" BMW in this category. AC Schnitzer BMW X1 celebrates its world premiere at the Geneva Motor Show 2010.

The BMW X1 is available with either 6-cylinder petrol engine and three 4-cylinder diesel power plants. Once again, the AC Schnitzer sets new standards in driving pleasure of the premium compact class. BMW X1 xDrive23d has updated its 150 kW/204 hp BMW TwinPower Turbo and Diesel Common Rail 240 hp. A 2.0 and 1.8 units of BMW X1 There is a common rail and turbo, and AC Schnitzer tuning package reaches 210 and 171 hp respectively. Of course, upgrades are available as well as power sDrive and xDrive versions. AC Schnitzer engine styling including capacity logo is available for vehicles, and without the performance upgrade.

Acoustics, sporty driving experience is enhanced by the AC Schnitzer sports muffler BMW X1 xDrive 28i gas. Visual elegance is provided by the chrome tailpipe finish "Racing", which is also available for all other models.

Excellent behavior of the BMW X1, which focuses on agility, accuracy, and processing is the direct result of a sophisticated suspension technology used in a very solid body structure. AC Schnitzer has built on this, and its suspension spring kit and strut reinforced aluminum, ensures perfect balance between sporty performance and driving comfort.

AC Schnitzer aerodynamic package is much more than mere decoration, although it harmonises effectively in the overall concept. The front spoiler and rear skirt extension, in combination with the rear roof spoiler, improve downforce and ensure extra grip. Bay fan motor is powered by AC Schnitzer Bonnet Vents. These are further enhanced with chrome center fabrics available. In aesthetic terms, emphasizes the AC Schnitzer aerodynamic conversion of expressive style and revealing that the observer on first glance the sporting ambitions Universal AC Schnitzer BMW X1.

The design elements also give an active youth sports and label the inside of the AC Schnitzer BMW X1. These elements include inner silver "Exclusiv" carbon, illuminated gear knob, leather shift knob in aluminum, with or without display digital equipment, the "Black Line" aluminum cover i-Drive system controller, a handbrake handle and aluminum pedals, foot rest and floor mats in velvet.

The icing on the cake comes from a number of attractive wheels, so the BMW X1 retains its elegant appearance, not only on liquidation or change in the field, but also outside a fashionable cafe. An ideal choice is the wheel of any new type VIII in 19 ". The new wheel with its 5-twin two-tone Finish is an evolution of the wheel well known type VI, and perfectly complements the language style of the BMW X1. AC Schnitzer wheels Type IV silver or two-color, 18, 19 or 20 inches, with the rim of type VI in 18 ", a full range available for the BMW X1.

Lincoln MKT [Reviews]

Lincoln offers full-size luxury crossover customers a choice with new 2010 Lincoln MKT, a three-row road that provides an optimal blend of fuel economy, performance, technology and space.

"We're growing Lincoln's product portfolio with a size crossover that offers more of everything luxury buyers want today - including more variety," said Mark Fields, Ford president of America. "Lincoln MKT will help us build momentum for Lincoln, which was faster than its competitors for luxury and growing market share in recent months."

The new 2010 Lincoln MKT is larger than the two-row Lincoln MKX mid-size premium crossover and joins the rich and sporty Lincoln MKS luxury sedan in 2008, and the new Lincoln MKZ sedan that hits the market next spring.

Standard on every Lincoln MKT is the signature design of the brand - with a split waterfall grille, a beveled chamfer along the shoulder of the vehicle, a stub tail lights flows affecting greenhouse and full-width horizontal span the subtly curved tailgate magnesium weight gain that adds visual character while protecting generous rear cargo space.

Precision Lincoln MKT craftsmanship is world class panel margins and the tactile quality of interior surfaces and finishes.

Inside, high-quality materials and precision sewing crafts are displayed on all surfaces - from leather-trimmed seating surfaces and floating armrests to the optional flow-through of the second row center console and instrument cluster Jewel acrylic with LED illumination White.

Balancing power and efficiency

Fuel consumption also comes as standard on the Lincoln MKT - and customers have a choice of two powerful and practical V-6 engines.

A 3.7-liter 24-valve variation of the award-winning Duratec engine family is standard. Provide an expected 268 horsepower at 6500 RPM and 267 lb-ft of torque at 4250 rpm, the engine has been optimized to provide quick acceleration and smooth power.

Important moment in the engineering and development have been invested in the 3.7-liter Duratec V-6 to deliver best in class noise, vibration and harshness (NVH) control. Lincoln MKT was compared to domestic tranquility to allow normal conversation in the car, with an articulation index.

A fuel pump with two speeds and aggressive deceleration fuel stop (ADFSO), along with optimized transmission and final drive gears are designed to allow the engine to deliver segment-leading fuel economy in the Lincoln MKT.

To feel even more performance driving, Lincoln MKT also offers a 3.5-liter twin-turbo EcoBoost V-6. This engine provides the power of a naturally aspirated engine with V-8 fuel economy V-6. This advanced engine delivers a first class, an estimated 355 horsepower at 5700 rpm, 350 lb-ft, while the generation of torque at 3500 RPM.

EcoBoost is a global Ford strategy to provide the power that customers want, along with the fuel they need. The combination of direct fuel injection with twin turbochargers and small displacement engine, EcoBoost can match the power of large naturally aspirated engines while providing gains torque and fuel economy.

Packing pressure direct injection helps eliminate the "turbo lag" associated with earlier turbocharged engines. And even more power, fuel economy is optimized for the higher compression ratio, the use of air cooling and sophisticated knock controls.

Lincoln MKT is equipped with a six-speed automatic transmission SelectShift ®. This advanced gearbox offers the driver to choose between fully automatic and manual control.

In addition, the paddles are built into the steering wheel spokes. Intuitive to use, tighten the back two palettes give you a hand, while a push to one side or paddle will induce a "match-rev" downshift.

This feature makes the Lincoln MKT driving experience sporty, yet coherent. Unlike other competitive transmissions, SelectShift not "guess" the driver ignores the turn. With SelectShift, manual control is truly manually controlled.

All-wheel drive is optional on the Lincoln MKT with the standard 3.7-liter V-6. The AWD option enhances the vehicle's ability in a variety of weather conditions. The sophisticated AWD is fully automatic, using an advanced array of internal electromechanical clutches to efficiently distribute torque between front and rear wheels as needed. AWD is standard on the Lincoln MKT with the EcoBoost 3.5-liter V-6.

Quiet, confident motoring

"Lincoln MKT strikes the optimum balance between capable and committed drivers working at the same time produces a quiet smooth ride in all three lines," said Chief Engineer Ron Heiser. "It combines a luxury touring experience with an agile ride and available Class III towing strength, as well."

Key elements of the development of Lincoln MKT suspension and tuning included minimizing front end lift on acceleration, offering stable and engaging steering and handling characteristics that provide confidence to all drivers, while offering a luxurious ride quality consistent with Lincoln brand character.

A new rear suspension system features a "one to one" ratio of the shock. The resulting linear response gave the engineering team a stable base line for suspension tuning, so the team to provide a better balance between handling and control and a smooth ride. It also improves rear suspension isolation and enables to use 20-inch wheels.

Lincoln MKT to provide a new level of quiet confidence that offers the highest levels of NVH control category. Virtual modeling and wind tunnel tests helped engineers optimize the impact of the vehicle on all sides of the rear view mirror placement and special sound-absorbing insulation bulkhead large exhaust system and the inclusion of both an acoustic windshield and dual layer front glass specifically to reduce wind noise pillar.

Of the 3.5 EcoBoost V-6 equipped versions, engineers directed additional effort to minimizing induction noise, while providing a rewarding sound cadence to Lincoln MKT acceleration.

Premier Innovations

Lincoln MKT offers a wide range of technologies to make the life of luxury as well as the driver and three rows of passengers. Holistic approach was used to develop these services, with ease of use and intuitive operation were key objectives. Nowhere is this more evident than focus on the Active Park Assist.

Lincoln MKT EcoBoost features advanced Electronic Power Steering with (EPAS), which enables the optional Active Park Assist. This innovative Lincoln-exclusive technology uses a system based on ultrasonic sensors, in contrast to camera-dependent competitive bidding, so hands-free parallel parking.

Active Park Assist works at the touch of a button, requiring less driver programming, reducing the risk of choosing the wrong size parking space, detecting edges of adjacent objects to calculate optimized process and "control "Lincoln MKT while coaching the driver through conventional gas and brake inputs.

In addition to pre-parking maneuver quickly, Active Park Assist works in uphill parking situations unlike competitive systems on the market.

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