EvaGT Morgan (2012) [Reviews]

The company introduced a new concept for the family of the sport, Morgan EvaGT. Four coupe was inspired by British sports sedans, and early 1950. Among these was the Bristol 400 series and the Frazer Nash BMW 328 After the Second World War, rationing forced the designers to maintain and use materials at their disposal. However, the pressure cooker of war had also led to a lot of innovative ideas, techniques. Steel was scarce, so the lightness of aluminum used in the body. Smooth "on line" a six-cylinder-cylinder was able to provide long distance comfort and reliability. As the engineers were often worked in the development of the air war during the aerodynamics contribute to high speeds, but at affordable prices.

Morgan Motor Company is the last survivor of the British sports car manufacturers. Of course, the company is lucky to be 100 years behind the continued success and, like Bristol and Frazer Nash, Morgan was a successful collaboration with German suppliers, BMW, Siemens and Bosch. Morgan, but also serves a number of young people to engineering companies in the United Kingdom and world-class British university research departments.

The new challenge is to make cars that are more effective than we have seen so far. The Morgan Motor Company is in a good position to meet this challenge because it is small and flexible with a proven track record of fast development cycles. It currently manufactures one of the greenest cars sport in the world, Morgan Four Four Sport. Morgan achieves this result by using the new Ford Sigma 1.6 engine coupled with a lightweight chassis. Morgan currently has a team of young well qualified technical work to a potential 5 engineering PHD who will make full use of research services at the University of Oxford, Cranfield and Birmingham City to tap into a network of technical knowledge to make it more efficient cars. This team helps to develop a high torque electric motor twice as powerful as others of the same weight and size and a powerful lithium-phosphate battery with a higher charge density to achieve the most effective performance the weight so far.

The dynamic team of Morgan undertook from 2010 they will bring a new model every two years. The legendary sports car manufacturer will target new niche ... sport electric cars, a vehicle the weekend fun and the first of the new cars will be Morgan EvaGT, a cut for four people with young families, with a bit of drama and theater of the car, as we like to call . It is a revolution for a car company famous for the same car in 50 years!


The Morgan EvaGT makes full use of intelligent technologies that Morgan Motor Company has developed to produce a light car. Morgan was one of the first car companies to see the advantage of an aluminum frame related to the rigidity, but also to save weight. The Morgan EvaGT uses an expanded version of the terminal aluminum chassis Morgan Aero Supersports, a frame that competes successfully in international motor racing GT3. Complies with European and U.S. safety approvals.


Morgan was the first automaker in 1995 to see the advantages of aluminum SUPERFORM, aerospace technology for the manufacture of soft body parts clear. Morgan design has sculpted a new form for the Morgan EvaGT that focuses on natural materials and understands their unique technical features. Thanks to computer technology in the design and manufacture to ensure accuracy, the pieces are then hand finished to ensure that feel as good as they look. A perfect fold "A" class surface, minimal shut lines, hidden wipers, door handles and brightly colored deflect air over the surface of the car. The new Morgan EvaGT represents a philosophy that embraces luxury light authenticity, sustainability and innovation to its outcome in the process of skilled trades.

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