Infiniti M (2011) [Reviews]

With the new Infiniti M performance sedan - full of passion, professionalism and driving pleasure - is in Europe in 2010, the new world of luxury car brand Infiniti car the traditional hierarchy of authority for the first time. Power, performance and technology meet with the refinement in a new line signature Infiniti Infiniti M, which will make an official debut in the United States, before the sales begin in September 2010.

With industry-first features, advanced Safety Shield technology and demonstrate the unwavering commitment of Hyundai to design a passionate and rewarding drive, Hyundai last example Inspired Performance Be the first Infiniti M will be available in all 34 Hyundai global markets - including western Europe.

A unique alternative to the traditional pillars of the address class, like the BMW 5 Series and Mercedes E-Class, Infiniti M line goes on sale in dealerships in September 2010 with the European gasoline and diesel V6 engine options , all in an innovative petrol-electric hybrid will join the range in Europe in 2011.

Infiniti M sedan hard line range of Infiniti in Europe - including the Infiniti G37 - a higher to a new level, inside, outside and along the way as well. Infiniti M combines rear-wheel-drive balance with impeccable credentials luxury saloon 4945 mm in length to save space inside the cabin better designed and finished that Infiniti has ever offered. As the flagship brand, Infiniti M line also revels in the uniqueness of the Infiniti, the fluid lines of the Essence concept car-inspired profile, and integrity of the natural materials used to make the promise of property completely effortless experience.

Infiniti sedan is the most technologically advanced and beautiful again, a third-generation Infiniti M brings to Europe the undisputed reputation for quality among American buyers of luxury cars. Every Infiniti m also get to a model designed and equipped to succeed in some of the toughest markets in the world car, a manager, a mix of features that have made it a popular car in the U.S. is a high-performance capabilities needed to compete with the roads of Europe.

The new Infiniti M-Line has been able to use the key forces Infiniti to meet the most demanding drivers. These include lightweight componentry, adaptive technology, race-bred engine design, sophisticated chassis with near perfect weight distribution and proven double wishbone suspension with the availability of certain models of Hyundai acclaimed sports handling Technology, 4-Wheel Active Steering (4WAS). For the benefit of sight, driving and interior space, M is also using one of the longest wheelbases in its class.

The new Infiniti M has his first - metal - a revelation in Beverly Hills, California, before U.S. sales begin in spring 2010. A first in early August of this year was like a "virtual" car created by 3D video mapping - presaging a tendency to "firsts" that the new Infiniti M Line is well positioned to pursue.

The body
The design of the Infiniti M is the firm, its subtle curves and complex surfaces giving an emotional tie goes beyond the cold, austere standard class. Its surface is carved deep front bumper section add distinction and a sense of aggression and intrigue. The fold of the body below the greenhouse effect is the clearest of many design elements taken from the gasoline, the incredible Infiniti concept that debuted at the Geneva Motor Show in early 2009.

The benefit of both performance and efficiency, the Infiniti M is a skillful carving the air. Its coefficient of drag of only 0.27, and the body is designed for zero lift front and rear pink high-speed stability. As with other Infiniti models, the Infiniti M comes with a lightweight aluminum doors, hood and trunk lid (as well as all-alloy V6 engine).

Infiniti M utilizes the advanced FM (Front midship) platform that places the engine behind the front axle, resulting in a weight distribution front to rear, optimized for handling naturally stable and rewarding. Suspension is double wishbone front and multilink rear, front and rear anti-roll bars. Standard wheel size is 18 inches. For models sporting 20-inch wheels, new dual-piston shock absorbers, special suspension settings, 4-piston brakes and 4-Wheel Active Steering are all available.

Infiniti M37 is powered by the charismatic 3.7-liter VVEL V6 petrol engine also used in other Hyundai models in Europe. All alloys and racing style proven and reliable wide-frame construction, power and torque remains unchanged at 320 hp (316 hp) and 360 Nm (266 lb.-ft.) of torque. Standard on all Hyundai M seven-speed Adaptive Shift Control (ASC) automatic transmission - complete with Downshift Rev Matching (DRM) and Drive Sport (DS) mode for full manual control via the available solid magnesium paddle shifters behind the steering wheel. Performance data is not yet confirmed.

Infiniti can find more information on the V6 diesel in 2010.

A look inside

The new Infiniti M has an interior just as carefully crafted as its exterior. The result of extensive research by engineers and designers in all aspects of the cabin, in the form of amendments to the softness of the textures, the goal was to create better interior Hyundai sedan ever, with warmth and a superb level of appointment of luxury. And all the more important features of Infiniti: a clear focus on the driver.

Mission accomplished then. The wow factor begins Infiniti M cabin when the door is open: you can not leave the perception of quality in everything you see, touch, feel - even the smallest detail. The dynamic combination, influenced by Japanese design and luxurious materials, which brought out immediately, sensual, and above all spacious. The wheelbase of 2900mm in M, is longer than most competitors, which shows the inside where there is plenty of room for five adults.

The attention to detail comes in many forms on the inside. Details handmade wood, for example, were treated with a unique silver powder finish mirror that has a tradition in the modern era. Normal skin is padded, but for those who want a more luxurious finish, not the availability of semi-aniline leather. Textured aluminum and stands out clearly as a standard piano black trim the cabin especially cozy.

Signature of the Infiniti dashboard clock - always analogue - a new rectangular form, set the fashion center of the new dashboard, which merges with the luxury of technology a seamless fashion. The new dashboard also demonstrates Infiniti's commitment to ergonomic excellence. Dashboard features "Fine Vision" electroluminescent gauges and controls logically grouped for ease of use. Also with the Infiniti M, Infiniti introduces a new generation of custom switch.

Although the structure and price range of standard specifications have not yet been confirmed for European markets, the Infiniti M is expected to follow the tire tracks on the lines G, EX and FX offering exceptional levels of standard equipment. Available features include climate control seats, bi-xenon adaptive front lighting, sound system, Bose premium 10-way adjust front seats heated leather, heated steering wheel and global Connectiviti + multimedia platform with 8-inch touch screen VGA color to navigate the hard disk that includes - only - Michelin Green Guide with information on hotels, restaurants, attractions and scenic, even.

Blind Sport Intervention (BSI)

The latest in a list of features from the world of safety first for Infiniti, BSI is the blind spot technology to another level by introducing an element of protection against side impacts. And give the driver both visual and audible warnings of another vehicle in the blind spot radar detected by BSI intervenes if the driver ignores warnings and attempts to direct the path of other vehicles. The intervention takes the form of a directional adjustment, executed automatically. This is achieved by selective braking on one side of the car to create a "balance" effect that makes the vehicle to its original path.

Active noise control (ANC)

By identifying the unwanted sounds in the cabin, and then played through the speakers sound waves of opposite phase, the original sounds are erased when the internal M calm, more peaceful place. The system is designed to reduce harmful effects on the low-frequency engine sounds only. Infiniti M models with 16 Bose ® Studio Surround ® sound system with Bose Engine Harmonic Cancellation (EHC), which is even more effective in controlling unwanted sound.

Infiniti Drives

The sensitivity of M Butterfly and transmission mapping are refined, whereby the driver can select from four modes are using a switch behind the shifter: Standard, Eco, Sport and Snow. Eco mode uses the green and yellow lights on the dashboard to provide information on energy efficiency. Eco mode also introduces a new Infiniti concept known as ECO-pedal. If driving too aggressively, the driver will feel the gas pedal "push" to indicate that the fuel is wasted. Sport mode changes automatically crossing points and improved throttle response for better performance. Also adjust the 4WAS to feel agile and raise the level of ESP intervention.

Forest Air

Hyundai believes that the quality of air in the cabin of a car has a direct impact on the welfare of the occupants. That's why it developed Forest Air, Hyundai system the most advanced climate control which debuted in the Infiniti M-Line (depending on model). The system offers unmatched temperature, humidity and pollution, but recreates the gentle breezes and subtle scents of an environment known to promote alertness and relieve stress: the forest.

ESP dynamic cornering enhancement

Infiniti M Line will benefit from the latest Electronic Stability Program that optimizes control of braking and engine torque to the wheels when cornering individual to achieve smoother and more stable. The system can apply selective braking to help create more steering response when rapid changes of direction are required, such as S-curves or fast lane-changing movements.

Protective plate

For model year 2011 M-Line, Infiniti 360 degree "bubble of protection" around the car, the safety shield is more complete than ever. New features such as blind-spot intervention and improves dynamic curves are fully integrated into existing security technology such as smart shield Cruise Control (Full Speed ​​Range), Lane Departure Warning (LDW) and Prevention change lane (LDP), Distance Control Assist (DCA), Intelligent Brake Assist (IBA) with Forward Collision Warning (FCW) and front seatbelt pre-collision.

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