AC Schnitzer 99d Concept (2011) [Reviews]

The concept of AC Schnitzer 99d produces only 99g/km of CO2 - that's less than any BMW production car today.

And this in spite of driving pleasure is guaranteed with 190 hp / 140 kW. 99d accelerates from 0-100 in 6.9 seconds and the electrifying speed is 235 km / h - all the sporting genes of the vehicle, in fact, true AC Schnitzer. And the fuel consumption of just 3.8 liters of diesel per 100 kilometers.

So how does this concept car from AC Schnitzer manage to achieve these numbers low? AC Schnitzer calls the combination of characteristics of effective performance.

"Joy is the driving force!" This applies not only to BMW engineers, but also - and especially - for setting the AC Schnitzer specialists.

Diesel engine and transmission corresponding

A diesel engine in a BMW Z4, and the most effective currently available for BMW. This is the 320d EfficientDynamics. And, of course, now the power has been optimized by experts Aachen to 190 HP and 420 Nm of torque (standard 320d EfficientDynamics Edition: 163 hp).

Savings of 230 kg

Elegant lightweight coupe shows what is technically possible today. Source of energy as a lightweight Li-ion battery instead of the usual lead-acid battery. The continued use of lightweight materials like carbon, magnesium and titanium, has reached another significant savings for the internal equipment. So it is lighter than any current standard BMW.

Reducing the weight of the unsprung mass

Weight 35 kg less in the more directly connected to the wheels, wheels, tires and brakes, resulted in a significant gain agility and driving pleasure. The latest forging techniques using materials from the force to ensure that the aerospace and weight gain insurmountable. For example, the AC Schnitzer lightweight 4-pot brake system of high performance with a retraction system for the front axle and brake discs at the front light and rear axle to ensure shorter braking distances.

Or type VIII, one-piece forged wheels with high-strength AC Schnitzer 99d. They weigh only 7.9 kg per tire and are connected to the vehicle by bolts made of titanium. Experts say that measures to reduce unsprung weight is good for up to four times the weight savings. This means that the agility, the AC Schnitzer 99d overall feel of the vehicle weighs 335 pounds less.

Special Eco-Continental tires

Continental tires size 225/35 BLUECAR * 19 were very concept of development with the AC Schnitzer. These rings help to optimize rolling resistance. Design has been improved Conti Sport Contact 5P, and allows for sport-drive system makes the cornering stability and ZR speed rating over 240 km / h.

Adaptation of EfficientDynamics

The concept behind BMW EfficientDynamics technology package for intelligent measures that significantly reduce fuel consumption and emissions. These technologies are integrated into the AC Schnitzer BMW 320D 99d: Automatic start-stop, regenerative braking, changing gear, low-friction lubricants and active aerodynamics.

Improved aerodynamics

The body reduced by 30 mm, in collaboration with several AC Schnitzer carbon components to reduce drag. AC Schnitzer racing suspension with adjustable dampers reduces the residual strain on a sporting level, but still comfortable, especially when driving at low speed.

Reduced friction

Special ceramic wheel bearings to reduce friction resistance decisive. In addition, optimized low-friction lubricants to minimize friction. Powerful braking system is equipped with a special retraction system PFC, after which each of the braking process of withdrawal from the brake pads brake discs 0.1 mm. Wheels AC Schnitzer 99d to start much more easily.

Driving pleasure

Individuality and exclusivity, lightweight and modern construction over 20 years experience in the refinement led to the AC Schnitzer 99d to a vehicle that perfectly combines the fuel consumption and driving pleasure: the effective implementation of the AC Schnitzer.

Naturally, all the security features are preserved, such as ABS, airbags and ESP. The world media does not fail, thanks to the Apple iPhone 4 built into the car. This gives access to all data from the onboard computer. Thus, the actual fuel consumption, or for example the function of the particle can be controlled. Music, telephone, navigation, hands-free or Internet to complete the overall experience of AC Schnitzer 99d.

AC Schnitzer 99d is a concept car is not for sale, which had developed the technology platform. In form as in this case, the vehicle would have a cost of € 149,000.00.

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