Volkswagen Up (2013) [Reviews]

Volkswagen launches new small car: VW up!. A specialist in the city for many countries. A car with a charisma and great potential. Germany - the market early - pre-orders have already been given to the new place! with prices starting at € 9850. The new Volkswagen will officially launch in stages from late December 2011.

3 versions impressive equipment and two exclusive models

Three devices are available in different versions of budgets and needs: eat! entry-level version, move up! convenience-oriented model, and a high! the top version. At the market to start There are also two updated models, which rely on high: Up! black-and-up! and white.

Two petrol engines of 4.2 and 4.3 liters of fuel

In a small space (3.54 m long), the Volkswagen Up! offers maximum space for 4 people and very efficient transmission technologies. Debuting at the place! is a new generation of three cylinders. Gasoline engines with a power of 44 kW / hp, 60 and 55 kW / 75 bhp, Euro 5 emissions standard full and front wheel drive. Combined values ​​of fuel consumption BlueMotion Technology version (with features such as start / stop system, regeneration of the battery and tires optimized for low rolling resistance): 4.2 l/100 km (60 CV ) and 4.3 l/100 km (75 PS). The two 1.0-liter engines to meet the 100 g / km CO2 emissions limit.

Natural gas engines set the record values ​​of resistance

A natural gas engine with 50 kW / 68 PS will follow the same basic technology, such as gasoline engines. The Volkswagen Up! BlueMotion Technology EcoFuel reach a value of 79 revolutionary low CO2 g / km. At the IAA 2011 in Frankfurt, Volkswagen introduces a concept almost production-ready version of this natural gas is extremely clean - eco-largest. There are also plans for a sign! with an electric motor in 2013, and a study of the up! Blue-e-Motion has been shown at the IAA 2011 in Frankfurt as well. As new engines are two of the car gearboxes new 5-speed (one manual and automatic) are among the lightest of its kind in the world.

The first small car with emergency brakes City

Place all new VW! is also the first car of its kind in the world that offers a city emergency braking, which automatically brakes the car in a speed range of 5 to 30 km / h, when traffic is rare.

Debut of the most versatile system maps +

Another feature is very new for the first time in a Volkswagen is the card system + more - a dynamic touch screen phone. It contains a navigation system, the phone hands-free unit display factual information about the vehicle and a media player. And now you can use mapping applications to measure more than one driver + profile highly individualized needs. + More letters is placed on the center console, where it connects to the electronic network in place!. In the economic price up!, A system was developed to organize the fields of navigation, telephone, information and entertainment that is also economical. The portable device is also designed so that it could increase the levels of most recent software with a simple upgrade.

Working with Navigon, a leading global provider of portable navigation systems, cards + special solution has been created, it is appropriate for the Volkswagen Up! and affordable to all buyers.

New funding model, insurance and maintenance

! The launch in place, Volkswagen has not only put a new car in motion, it is also redefining the parameters of the financing, insurance and maintenance. Some modules in Germany are now merged into the package in place new quality! AutoCredit2 is the name of special funding to where customers can divide the contract into two halves with different price rates!. As a result, makes AutoCredit2 new flexibility in the purchase of car. Also offers insurance FairPay huge savings - in some cases as much as € 1,700 per year based on a finance or lease. FairPay liability insurance is a complete vehicles and fully comprehensive insurance program for clients 23 years and over (at least not need the class "SF1") at a fixed price of € 19.90 per month. Those who sign a contract on December 1, 2011 will even get insurance to € 9.90 FairPay month.

And for the younger customers also FairPay extended insurance is available for a monthly subscription of € 49.90 - € 39.90 or just the signature of December 1, 2011. The third part of it! Quality itself includes maintenance and costs of routine services for you! for a fixed monthly rate (from € 11.90 per month in Germany for a term of contract 48 months and 10,000 km / year). Never before has a program of this type have been placed on the vehicle class up!. Most likely such a program could come from Volkswagen!

up! external

At 3.54 m long and 1.64 m wide (without mirrors), up! is one of the smallest four-seater cars. Volkswagen is 1.48 m high. Its total length is composed of the body remarkably short overhangs and long wheelbase (2.42 m) - a layout of the body that makes full use of limited space.

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