Morgan Aero Supersports [Reviews]

Designed and developed in-house, the Morgan Aero Supersports is a sports car with a lightweight aluminum specification luxury. The interior features a comfortable combination of polished wood, hand-stitched leather and electronic technology to create a driving environment efficient, ergonomic and sumptuous. Despite all this opulence the overall weight of the car is still minimal so the car responds to driver controls and economic to run. The only way Morgan can achieve this is due to our use of panels of aircraft-style aluminum exterior SUPERFORM and skills of our craftsmen to hand finish the assembly of each vehicle. This technology made its debut in 100 AeroMax coupes built by the factory in 2008 and 2009.

Such was the demand for this model, that Morgan have agreed to provide Morgan Aero Supersports. Limited Edition, the car used by two aluminum detachable roof panels. These can turn the car effectively in coupe or when detached bring fresh air and the aromas of the driving experience without taking too long to wind disturbance to spoil the journey. The panels can be conveniently stored on the trunk.

Of course, the car benefits from lightweight aluminum Aero chassis which is glued to the rigidity of the ruling class. More than one global standard crash protection, this is also the platform used by the Morgan Aero Eight GT3 currently competing successfully in the 2009 International FIA GT3 Championship. This chassis, combined with an aluminum 4.8 liter BMW V8 engine and choose the automatic transmission or manual 6-speed offers superior driving experience. No other car offers such dynamic power transmission automatic.

Drawn by Matthew Humphries, and designed for production by the experienced "Morgan Design" team, the new Morgan Aero Super Sports is expected to begin production in early 2010. A deposit of £ 25 000 is needed to ensure the supply of one of these exciting models. It should cost around £ 127 000 including VAT.

Charles Morgan, grandson of the founder said "The Morgan Aero Super Sport is a luxurious flamboyant sports car which stays true to the philosophy of lightweight minimalist simplicity Morgan. And 'a song of praise to the love of cars and the romance of travel and a suitable model to indicate the year of the Centenary of Morgan. "

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