Envision Buick Concept [Reviews]

View the Buick concept car, which represents a convergence of ideas and technology for the future of Buick on the market, made its debut in the world today. He appeared on the GM stand at Auto Shanghai 2011 Shanghai.

Imagine a mixture Buick overall aesthetic of Chinese design for the SUV segment. There are Buick core "Fluid Mechanics quiet and comfort," contains GMO PHEV leaders of the hybrid system. In the future, and people-oriented technology and equipment has been designed to change people's perception of SUVs.

"The Envision was developed jointly by GM and Shanghai Automotive Pan Asia Technical Center (PATAC)," said Shi Hong, director of marketing at Shanghai GM Buick. "We introduce the product development direction for the future of Buick SUV market."
According to Ed Welburn, vice president of GM Global Design, The Envision "inherited DNA Buick and design the roof of global design language to new heights Buick. He made an important statement for Buick style and technology, and will affect future patterns of fire. "

Design: The essence of Buick, futuristic language
The speed and strength, lightness and strength and grace of contrast and foresight to the other, but retain a sense of harmony in the Buick Envision. The design follows in the tradition of great elegance Buick, mix it with dynamic lines, sharp angles and curved shapes. Its coupe-like body dynamics and function rooms offer a touch of Buick SUV to reach the Chinese market.

Imagine Buick has a two-story traditional Buick grille cascade, which regulates the air intake to meet the demand for electricity and to achieve optimized aerodynamic performance. Front-end style also includes the Buick tri-colored shield, Insignia, to strengthen the Buick Imagine a powerful and sophisticated sense of style. Headlights and fog lights have been inspired by traditional Chinese motifs. Porcelain LED lamps in the house during the day that the five "pillars of the Chinese-like" LED bulbs for the restrained elegance in bright environments.

Sharp lines from above the headlights, spreads and immersion in the vehicle itself. They reappear on the back that goes deep through the rear lights and demonstration of the double sweep spear traditional Buick. Wheel of the boxes look mighty 22-inch tires offer a strong contrast. The roof of one piece is shaped like a bridge parent. It allows continuous fluid side lines to form a graceful curve of the windows before they are integrated into the rear end. Buick Mirror and trim the side windows are aligned in front of the A-pillar and C pillar, which is the perfect finishing touch to the side view of the vehicle. Buick Envision a scissors-style doors with sensors that adds a feeling of luxury, while the input and output more comfortable.

Buick Envision laid back traditional squat SUV. Several ridges forming layers as a modern sculpture. Thin, strong porcelain, like the tail lights are integrated with LED light. The design is used on the rear fog lights and exhaust as well. The color of the ice edge silver body reflects the strong, athletic form of Envision.

Imagine the Buick, with a 22-inch aluminum wheels doubled layers. Silicon sport tires with asymmetrical tread pattern of a one-way. This reduces the cost of resistance, noise and energy while ensuring an SUV is expected.
Anticipating the Buick has an interior-oriented people, comfortable and high tech. Buick signature 360 ​​degree around the integrated design and center console asymmetrically only bring out the best in the other. The forward cabin has the appearance of a floating sculpture. It strikes a perfect balance of physical comfort and aesthetics. Spiral Meters offer exciting futuristic feel.

The color of the door of the car is inspired by the "yin and yang" concept. Together with two-tone high quality white sand and blue galaxies in high-class Italian leather and maple and metallic materials with velvety texture, it provides a visual of peace and elegance. The armrest is split from front to rear, with a storage function and form concealed air conditioning vents. The flat floor feels like the deck of a yacht and contributes to the roominess and comfort of indoors.

In addition to Buick Classic ICE-blue lighting, interior also features an optional orange "casual" and red light "sport" light and gives a soft radiance to match the mood of the environment.

Effect: Breakthrough plug-in hybrid system with intelligent AWD

Imagine that the Buick has a place in the GM hybrid system PHEVs, which offers unprecedented high-power performance and milestones for the future of hybrid technology. The 2.0-liter engine with direct injection engine with an extra SIDI intelligent Imagine a pair of electric generators twice Automatic / manual eight-speed transmission. Powerful lithium battery and a solar roof-optical devices will act as an alternative energy source independent of the engine.

Hybrid system, which in fact make use of standard fuel and electricity, can produce more energy than pure electric cars or gasoline-powered vehicles. When the vehicle is started, parked and running at low speed, the Buick Imagine operates exclusively electric. When the vehicle needs more power or the battery is low, the engine automatically kicks to provide smart battery charging. When you need more power, like the sudden acceleration and driving uphill, the engine runs the power grid, a generator to provide extra power. The vehicle may be connected to normal power outlet to recharge the battery. Insert the battery produces electricity in the sunroof.

Envision Buick chassis compact and lightweight carbon fiber, magnesium and aluminum. Mounted on an electromagnetic suspension MRC function with energy recycling, it offers one of the fastest of the magnetic field of the control systems of the bearing in the world. Depreciation is actively regulated in relation to road conditions to maximize handling. With Envision Buick intelligent all-wheel drive, torque on each wheel to be adjusted at any time in all weather driving pleasure.

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