BMW 335d Diesel Car Best 2011

New York - the leading automotive magazine in the United States, The Driver Diesel, again held the best diesel car poll 2011. As a result, a compact sedan BMW 335d was chosen as the best car. "They (respondents) claimed the BMW 335d has completely changed the way (people) America's diesel-fueled cars," said Paul Ferraiolo, Strategy and Product Planning Manager BMW in bmwblog. com, today.

Consumers assess the sedan was one of the benefits is the use of BMW Efficient Dynamics technology. Thanks to technology, sedan engine not only produces great power, but also fuel efficient and low CO2 emission levels.

That is able to answer the needs of consumers, as well as demands of the times. Especially in the middle of the issue of the scarcity of fossil fuels and the declining quality of the environment. However, the car still provide comfort.

The poll that was held every year, this time to favor either 12 types of sedan cars, Multi Purpose Vehicle (MPV), and Sport Utility Vehicle (SUV) that the diesel engine of various brands. Brand selected by the readers of the magazine The Driver Diesel in 43 countries.

The official statement says that the magazine in the United States, BMW 335d get 83 percent votes. As in 43 other countries, this sedan bagging 29.6 percent votes.

Only, the committee did not mention how many respondents to the poll this time. The announcement of the results of a survey it conducted late last week in the carpet New York Auto Show 2011.

BMW Official site of America,, wrote that the sales of the BMW 335d in the United States throughout the first quarter of 2011, an increase of 34 percent over the same period of 2010. "In fact, revenue from this sedan throughout 2010 and then increased by 130 percent compared to 2009," wrote those pages.

BMW 335d 3000 cc diesel engine carrying the six-cylinder. Machines are equipped with devices that claimed TwinPower Turbo Charger can generate power to 265 horsepower.


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