Prepare 3 Car Lamborghini Super Latest

Latest super cars from Lamborghini will continue to birth. At least there will be 3 super car that was prepared as Elemento Sesto Lamborghini, Estoque and Cabrera.

Lamborghini success when issuing Aventador seems to be making these manufacturers to continue to innovate. The plan arose at the insistence of Volkswagen which owns Lamborghini.

As is known, Volkswagen's ambition to become the number one manufacturer in the world in the coming year 2018. Among the three new super car, is Sesto Elemento car closest birth time.

The car shown in Paris last year, it reportedly will soon be produced is limited despite already had denied the previous Lamborghini will produce this car.

Elemento Sesto name itself refers to the number of carbon atoms of the element which is the number 6. By using the carbon fiber body weight is a very light car that is only 999 kg.

With super-lightweight body and a boost engine Lamborghini Sesto Elemento typical malignant can be invited to run 0-100 km / h in just 2.5 seconds, with maximum speed reaches 354 km / hour.

The car is expected to be released with a starting price of 1.85 million euros, or about USD 22 billion. Price was referring to the price concept cars on display in Paris but has been sold to collectors.

After that like detikOto autoevolution quoted from Saturday (3/19/2011) in 2013 will likely give birth Lamborghini Gallardo possible replacement will be named Cabrera.

Not yet known exactly the shape and specifications of the Lamborghini Cabrera, but the exact performance of this car is better than the Lamborghini Gallardo that there is now.

After that, Lamborghini will play their first four-door car, Estoque in the year 2014. Estoque concept cars than already disclosed in the year 2008. But until now this concept is not yet built.

When the Lamborghini Estoque is born, the Lamborghini will launch a new round of business. For Lamborghini to date has never produced a four-door car.

40 years ago this Italian manufacturer had ever built a car but having a certain four-door coupe called the Espada. But this car is stopped production in 1978.

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