matic driving tips

Avoid Hit the gas and brake Simultaneously

CAR automatic transmission have fundamental differences with the car manual, ranging from the physical form of gear, operation, until the character mobil.Pada speed manual car, there are three pedals on the floor of the car controllers, namely the gas pedal, brake, and clutch. Stepped on the gas and brake and clutch with your right foot left foot. While in the automatic car only two pedals, the gas and brake. The existence of two pedals often makes people mistakenly stepped on the brake with the left foot and the gas with the right foot.

Should the two pedals were still operated with the right foot. Automatic car requires the driver's left footalong the the way idle . Brake and gas pedal at the same time can damage the automatic transmission because the clutch in a condition turning, but the motion was detained.

Instead of showing the position of tooth 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and R as in manual cars, automatic transmission rod indicates the position P (park / parking), R (reverse / reverse), N (neutral / neutral), and D (drive / path to the front), respectively. On some cars, this combination plus the position of D1 or D2 or S and L (the car moves, but was detained in the teeth of 1 or 2, required when the steep incline, a sharp derivative, or across the slippery road conditions.)

Get used to start the car with the gear in position P coupled brakes (on some cars, the engine could be the start if the gear position is not in P and not step on the brake). Always walk on the brakes when switching gears

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