BMW Nazca Super Rare Sale

IF you belong to someone who is successful and wants to look different without a competitor, you deserve to be on this one owner car. A super sports car BMW special that there are only three units in the entire universe.

The car, named Italdesign Nazca is a draft Giorgetto Giurgiaro for BMW in the 1990's. Indeed it was created to be produced in lieu of the legendary BMW M1, also designed by Giurgiaro. Unfortunately Nazca never entered in production lines.

So, there are only three prototype units are made ​​BMW Nazca. First Nazca M12 which debuted in 1991 followed by a model that is more 'hardcore' of Nazca C2 C2 in 1992 and Spider versions of the open roof in 1993.

If you look at the pictures, BMW Nazca which will be auctioned at a dealership in the Czech republic is a first generation model, aka M12. He is equipped with BMW's 5.7-liter V12 engine of the 750i/850i models that have been upgraded capabilities by Alpina, modifiers are used to deal with high performance engines of BMW. This engine produces 379 hp and capable of running the vehicle up to 326 km / hour.

According to official data of Italdesign, the original M12 is actually using the 5.0-liter V12 engine which picked from the 850i andcapable of generate power 300 hp ,while C2 Coupe version of the V12 engine with 350 hp Alpina arable ,while C2 pinch Spider 5.7 liter V12 engine with a power of 850CSi 380 hp.

One of the most interesting is the way into the cabin Nazca. The vehicle is equipped with a window gullwing model combined with a conventional style door. To have this special vehicle, must spend at least 725 thousand euros (about 9 billion more) than your savings account.

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