Latest In A Mobile Revolution By Mercedes-Benz dealerships

Mercedes Benz has announced one of the most advance and technically superior offer to the dealers in the form of Apple iPads. The company has started the MB advantage program in which the facilities to dealers are being focused highly. This innovative approach of offering iPads to all of the dealers will help the dealers immensely in making the financial decisions even when they are not in the offices.

The operating system of these iPads is also quite simpler and static. The salesperson can feed the VIN number of any of the Mercedes Benz cars and he will be able to get the latest schemes, discounts and net prices of the model offered by the company for that particular mode entered. This facility will allow the sales person to work freely even when they are not in the offices or any of the popular places. Mercedes Benz received many of the complains regarding to the problem of asking the latest prices and offered of models every now and then which was hurting the impression and performances of the dealers. With these facilities, they will be having readily availability of the prices and other factors of any of the models which will definitely boost their confidence and will make them traveling freely without any hesitation of calling back to offices for each and every smaller detail.

Another benefit of these iPads is that the sales person or the dealers who are offering the Mercedes Benz models on hire will be able to recheck the car when they are offered back by the hirers and will be able to write down all the possible damages of scratches by standing in front of the cars itself. This facility may not sound quite attractive but practically their significance is quite higher. Many of the dealers are facing the problem of rectifying the scratches or damages in the cars that are given for hiring purposes. It will become quite simpler for the sales person or the dealers to go outside with the iPads, to write down the scratches or the condition reports and to feed it in the computers when they are into the office.

“This is a mobile revolution into the dealerships and we are quite intended to do so as we wish to have our dealers falling no where short in performance”, said the Vice President of Marketing of Mercedes Benz Andreas Hinrichs while an interview to Wall Street Journal yesterday. This is truly the revolution and we need to appreciate the presence of mind and the innovative approach of Mercedes Benz.

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