Bamboo Rinspeed Concept (2011)

This irritating car. It could be that it is the ingenious design creations by renowned New York pop artist James Rizzi. Anyway, Rinspeed, Frank M. Rinderknecht 's latest work Bamboo Concept makes his sun rise on the creatures of metal engineering in the Geneva Motor Show, whose sole purpose is to never touch anything of other than black asphalt. Yes, it's a taste of summer. A taste of salt and sand, ease and lightness in the southern latitudes. It recalls the seventies, in the south of France, Saint-Tropez. Its colors range from salmon to lobster and yellow, glittering in the sunlight, directed perfect for color and glue repair specialized ("StickerFix") AkzoNobel. And you'd expect to find Brigitte Bardot driving with Playboy Gunther Sachs beside her on the way to Tahiti Beach.

But at the same time, says the car in the future with innovations such as intelligent display communication rather than a grill and a bag of roof, which also serves as protection for the beach. Yes, the sun and a fun car to blow the roof!
Anyone would think that this is simple retro design underestimates the head of the central design Swiss. It reinterprets the references of the car to the old time and develops in the future. He plays with the human desire to return to the roots, often coupled with the desire to be in harmony with creation. This makes electric drives, mobile equipment also can be folded to two wheels for the last "mile" is a must. More than any Rinspeed boss knows how to play the strong emotions and dreams beyond the macho power allocation. This is the root cause Rinderknecht considered a visionary by many of the car.

Rinderknecht's latest creation - jointly developed and built by engineering companies and Switzerland 4erC ESOR - looks like a golf cart for adults, at first sight. But it offers a magnificent fireworks of innovation and design. This successful combination is most evident in the roof covered with inflatable Tecnotex developed by the Swiss company. It is covered with water resistant "Chock Skai Neptun" coated nano Hornschuch provided by the Company. It protects the interior from the morning dew is possible. Nothing but air ready to design in two sealed its rigidity. Everything off the ceiling is decorated with a giant beach stage Rizzi, the interior is refined by visionary Schoeller Bregenz spinning with real bamboo yarn. Without a doubt, going to the beach with this mattress easily overshadow any folding top, no matter how elegant and instant conversation with your beach chair neighbors.

In any case, Rinspeed Bamboo is the car assembly sun and fun for the outgoing communicator. Personal messages to people near the vehicle are displayed in the innovative "Identiface". In this section of the screen, developed by a subsidiary of Daimler in Stuttgart MBtech, replacing the grill, which is mostly redundant electric vehicles anyway. Thanks to its connectivity to the Internet "Identiface" you can see the Facebook pages of the occupants, news from around the world, the manufacturer's logo or an offer for a trip from A to B. engineering services provider Helveting supported by Zurich Versicherung custom developed "Bamboo Community" platform. The platform also offers other convenient features focused on networks, social sustainability and optimum driving performance.

In combination with the famous color-changing "Rizzi Bird" spin bar (green = I'm alone, blue ='m in a festive, orange = I need a break), creates a whole new way of communicating Automotive beyond deafening noise of the attacks. "Rizzi Bird" rather than flip the bird.

A simple but very elegant interior of the Rinspeed Bamboo. All the Name: Bordeaux-red sides of the bench is decorated with the logo "Bamboo" and "Rizzi Bird" Weaver woven bamboo spiral Zurich Weisbrod. The central support surfaces are decorated with drawings Rizzi, and is made of high-performance breathable material Synthetik "Laif". And both rear seats are inflatable, and stored in two aluminum cases, an open cargo bed. You guessed it - they can take to the beach.

Purist range takes the form of a giant breadbox - and a great cover plastic polymer fabric supplied by the manufacturer Ticona - opens fashion breadbox reveals control elements and a futuristic VDO screen. Right side of the dashboard houses a seven-inch Tablet PC, the HTC station "Flyer" coupling. Times with Tablet PCs, smart phones, and residents to ensure the Bamboo Rinspeed and its passengers are always connected to the world. In the long term "bread box" lined with green border Harman JBL cutting-edge design. The world's leading premium sound systems and infotainment focusing on the entertainment system scalable connectivity and the "Aha Radio" application. And in the middle of the hole thrones is the high-voltage electric heater Eberspaecher catem German supplier. Otherwise, start Bamboo Rinspeed boxcutter. Typically Swiss.

With all that life carefully packed technical specifications underlying Rinspeed Bamboo is easily overlooked: the four four-seater is equipped with an electric motor group Frage German (German E-Car) with 54 kW. This high torque motor "in Germany" 1090-kg car accelerates to a top speed of 120 km / h. Lightweight design is doing its part: The steel frame with horizontal shock absorbers carry a rugged composite combined with the use of plastic polymers. Henkel provides structural foam and sealants and adhesives. All this rests on 17 "wheels AEZ three-spoke painted aluminum inserts and ecological Goodyear" EfficientGrip "Energy Conservation tires 17". And range? Battery capacity is enough for 105 km - so much for a fun car for short distances between the hotel, beach and restaurant visits in the evening.
Speaking of the staff: Rinderknecht has also partnered with energy giant RWE, which the station "smart" shows how to load a specialist in innovative infrastructure addresses the issue of e-mobility. Advanced Charger communicates with the car through all boundaries.

And what effects Rinspeed Bamboo is in Geneva? "Bamboo", press the reset button on the head observer, opening the mind to a new way of thinking about cars. Presents a simple, clean lines, nothing is superfluous - at its most pure aesthetic. Close your eyes and you'll be cruising through the pine forests and fields of lavender in your mind. A small car made from beautiful beaches and resorts on the planet, so that the "Bamboo", a sort of car in the world. No wonder that the vibrant, Frank M. Rinderknecht want to take this opportunity as the figure of the Swiss watch manufacturer CF Bucherer, and thinks out loud on mass production. Rinderknecht only say: "Yes, there have been constructive discussions for some time a number of potential producers." It may be safe, a consulting firm AT Kearney has been Dusseldorf concepts of production and business for mass production box.

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