Wiesmann GT MF5 [Reviews]

Pure energy and dynamism - it is a new GT MF5 Wiesmann. This sports car for purists, and its classic design and high technology, set a new standard of all-time high-performance already impressive Wiesmann sports cars. Equipped with high speed driven by the BMW V10 produces 507 hp, is complementary to the sprint from standstill to 100 km / h in just 3.9 seconds. With a sensational power share ratio of 2.7 kg / hp and a top speed of 310 km / h, this Coupé plays in the Premier League Cup for sports cars. Exclusive driving enjoyment is guaranteed Wiesmann MF5 GT!

"With the MF5 we focus on the wishes of many GT enthusiasts who want to express their individuality through more power and sportiness," says Friedhelm Wiesmann, the spokesperson for Wiesmann management. His brother, Martin Wiesmann, responsible as director of development and production, shows the same enthusiasm for the new Wiesmann model: "The GT MF5 represents the ideal model with which complete our range at the upper end, and no doubt is the car Wiesmann exciting sports that has presented to the public. "

The exterior styling of the car suggests powerful already exceptional driving dynamics that await the driver of a Wiesmann GT MF5: the extremely low, crouching body combined with wide tires promise power in abundance. The wing and the diffuser provide plenty of support on the rear suspension, guaranteeing excellent stability even at high speeds. A high-performance suspension system is designed with a great effort at the plant in Dulmen, offering exclusive driving pleasure for the driver of an MF5, but also the degree of security required. Areas of the body absorbs energy also contribute to the safety of the Wiesmann GT MF5, with stiff aluminum monocoque with integrated side impact protection and ABS as standard with Dynamic Stability Control DSC. Current weight throughout combined with aerodynamic perfection also offers an extremely low emissions figure in this performance category.
The cabin is open to all aspects of the functionality of a sports car. This is necessary for driving the vehicle and the driver's reach perfect. Low seating position, just before the rear axle, ensures that the senses and experiences every movement of this machine driver guide. Good contact with the vehicle behind a newly designed bucket sport seats with excellent lateral support, which can be adapted to the needs of the body forms of the driver and passenger. Silver starter button Wiesmann GT MF5 button, right next to the ignition key, and the fun begins!

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