Fisker Karma (2012) [Reviews]

California, the manufacturer Fisker Automotive is the Fisker Karma, the first true long-term electric vehicle (Ever ™) and a radical expression of what is possible in the automotive world.

Freely translated Hindi, Karma means good deeds are rewarded. Fisker Karma allows drivers who value style and performance to own and enjoy a car that is also environmentally conscious, you get the fuel consumption and emissions is simply better than the days of traditional luxury cars.

Combining striking, elegant design with high performance, low fuel consumption and zero emissions, demand, four-door Fisker Karma four-seater is the epitome of the brand's commitment to provide uncompromising luxury liable ™ vehicles to deliver pure driving passion.

The Fisker Karma - a new car with a new technology to a whole new company - arrive in showrooms this summer, a new standard for time in the market, after announcing a concept in 2008 and the creation of premium EV luxury segment.

Just Everlast ™ supply line - inspired by secret military vehicle - Fisker Karma can accelerate from zero to 60 mph just 5.9 seconds, but to reach over 100 miles per gallon and 83 g / km of CO2 emissions in the real world guides every year.

The Fisker Karma can run exclusively on energy supplied by a rechargeable lithium-ion battery for up to 50 miles (80 km), after a 175 kilowatt generator powered by an efficient 2.0-liter direct injection turbo engine Gasoline expands the range of 250 miles (403 km). Fisker Karma total range between recharging / refueling up to 300 kilometers.

With a US manufacturer's suggested retail price (MSRP) of $ 95.900 before federal tax incentives for $ 7500 and a € 85,500 prize in Europe, the Fisker Karma world to be competitive with more traditional luxury sedans like the BMW 750i AcitveHybrid, Mercedes-Benz S400 Hybrid, Porsche Panamera and Audi A8 TDI S. Fisker Karma also offers a great value of these super sedans like $ 120 000 $ 200,000 Maserati Quattroporte and Aston Martin Rapide.

With incredible economy, and the ability to drive without exhaust emissions, the Fisker Karma is the only option really responsible for the buyers of luxury cars.

Fisker Automotive Karma first car. It is built according to sustainable and responsible company Design ™ philosophy, which is a quantum leap forward for the automotive industry.

Fisker includes the development, construction, marketing and sale of cars is a proposition energy and resources. As a new company from scratch, Fisker sees great opportunity to improve this process and re-invent what the world can not expect their car manufacturers.

For another category for ways to increase efficiency and reduce environmental impact - including its carbon footprint - across the value chain, Fisker Automotive strives to be the car manufacturer more dedicated to sustainability and responsibility.

Fisker Karma Fisker, and all incoming vehicles are sold and serviced through a worldwide network of established, reputable, independent retailers. United States, 45 locations were identified, and a similar number planned for the European market.
Fisker European network of retail is under development and will be managed by importers Emil Frey Group in Zurich, Switzerland, and Nellemann in Copenhagen, Denmark. Fisker Italia in Merano, Italy, and BD OTOMOTIV in Istanbul, Turkey, complete the company's presence on the continent. Fisker has also signed a non-exclusive distribution with China's Shanghai Automotive Grand in December 2010.

Significantly, the Fisker Karma luxury vehicle is the first American designed and manufactured specifically developed to appeal to global markets. It is the only luxury sedan in the world to meet the fuel standards and future emissions, so it is suitable for any international city.

Other variants of the Fisker Karma, including a convertible are planned, and Fisker is preparing to build a second line of low-cost models than 3,200,000 square foot (297.000 m2) Company Assembly Plant is rehabilitation Wilmington, Delaware.

Fisker Luxury ™ approach without compromising the responsibility goes beyond minimizing fuel consumption and exhaust emissions. At each stage of engineering, production and marketing - including the provision of services of the company - Fisker uses recycled or renewable materials and the impact of the technologies of the lowest available.

An example, three of the interior wood trim is available on the Fisker Karma from the tree behind the forest fires in California and windstorms, and raised from the bottom of Lake Michigan. Live growth has never been fixed for this purpose. The "Bridge of Weir leather interior Low Carbon ™ 'is composed of a unique low-impact energy in the process of self-sustaining structure.

True Ever ™

The Fisker Karma is the vehicle of the first series and the only real power over long distances (Ever ™). In short, this means that karma is motivated only and at any time by electric traction motors. A large plaque extending gasoline engine drives a generator to power the engines, as needed, there is no mechanical relationship between the internal combustion engine and wheels.

This luxury Everlast ™ electric line was inspired by high-performance stealth vehicles created by U.S. military special operations. The heart of the system is 20 kWh lithium-ion battery developed by the strategic partner in Fisker Automotive A123 Systems in Watertown, Massachusetts. State-of-the-art Nanophosphate ™ technology maximizes the energy, power, reliability and safety.

Runs on battery power alone - that can be recharged in about six hours of fishing are available charger 220V - Fisker Karma can cover 50 miles (80 km) after the extension zone - front / mid-mounted gasoline engine / generator set - giving another 250 miles wide, providing additional power for the motors dual rear-mounted electric, for a total range of 300 miles (483 km).

The Fisker Karma contributes to sustainability, even when stationary, the world's largest panel and more powerful integrated solar car roof in the series. It is the only solar system in a production vehicle that harvests the energy is stored. Enough energy can be collected through the roof, more than a year in charge of the Fisker Karma nearly 200 miles of coastline and no emissions.

Two driving modes

The Fisker Karma is also the first car and the one that allows the driver to manually select the mode four-wheel drive electric or hybrid, on request. By default the stealth mode maximizes efficiency, giving the car its highest level of the battery before turning on the gas engine-driven generator to maintain battery charge. In stealth mode, the Fisker Karma can accelerate from zero to 60 mph in 7.9 seconds and reach a top speed of 95 mph (153 km / h).

More indicative of the Fisker Karma is the acceleration and the sensation is the 981 lb.-ft. massive (1330 Nm) of peak torque available instantly (from zero revolutions per minute). By comparison, the development of luxury sedans to the more conventional propulsion less than half of the couple and a diet much higher. Because Karma is always driven by electric motors and a single ratio transmission / differential combination, the driver can still feel and enjoy the powerful, seamless, linear acceleration.

A simple pull on the Fisker Karma left paddle steering wheel engaging the Sport mode. Now gasoline engine drives the generator to provide extra power, food supplements from the battery. This is enough electricity to 403 total system horsepower, so Karma can accelerate from zero to 60 km / h in just 5.9 seconds and reach a top speed of 125 mph (201 km / h).

From the torque characteristics of electric motors', the Fisker Karma will feel even faster.

The Sport mode holds, and in some cases replaced the battery charge. The driver can return to stealth mode at any time, which can be helpful on arrival in low emission zones, which are designated in many cities around the world.

The Fisker Karma is also a full regenerative braking system combined. Regenerative braking captures kinetic energy otherwise lost as heat brake rotor, and is fed to the battery. Using the right paddle wheel, the driver can operate more or less regenerative braking effect of the hill in three stages, and this unique feature allows a similar effect to slow the transmission of a conventional car to offer different levels speed control. Mode hill is ideal for skiing and can be used to shorten braking distances.

Rail world-class handling

In all aspects of performance, the Fisker Karma is designed to be a real racing driver, one dedicated to the design of the passion of driving. Its owners, aluminum frame incorporates a space for art to new levels of stiffness and strength giving karma world-class ride and handling.

Automotive Engineers Fisker Karma is designed around a single area of ​​the car chassis ever ™ powertrain, the filing of several patents in the process.

Design houses a car battery that runs down the center line of the tunnel of the car to give the Fisker Karma is a very low center of gravity, and also contributes to ideal weight distribution vehicle.

As a result, Fisker Karma driver more like a sport sedan via a full-size luxury sedan. In addition, karma does not need expensive, complex and able to fly aid suspension to provide flat cornering.

The four-wheel independent suspension ALS, also uses aluminum components that are specially tuned to work with the first standard aluminum wheels 22-inch on a production car.

Fisker designed the circuit Blade ™ wheels first appeared on the original concept vehicle in 2008. Power steering electro-hydraulic variable ratio and variable-assist is tuned to optimize and feel.

The Fisker Karma is the frame space is also the basis for the safety of passengers - and protection for sealed batteries - to assist in the luxury sedan to exceed global standards for the protection of the accident.

Eight advanced airbags, antilock brakes (ABS), traction control (TCS), Electronic Stability Control (ESC) and Panic Brake Assist (PBA) are all part of the package.

Brembo ® brakes 6 piston front and 4 piston monoblock rear brakes deliver incredible stopping power, enhanced by regenerative braking.

Timeless design and revolutionary

Fisker Automotive is a new company, without the ingrained attitudes, designers and engineers are free to continue without compromise solutions to problems previously unsolved. Karma sculptural quality of the body shape is the result of that freedom.

The design of the Fisker Karma is elegant exterior and striking features is the proportion dramatic signature Fisker style. In his previous career position, company CEO Henrik Fisker designed some of the most iconic cars of the modern era, including the BMW Z8 roadster and the Aston Martin DB9 and V8 Vantage.

In keeping with Fisker Automotive aims for the Karma concept to reality in its original form, the production car retains, and even adds to the whole original concept of stylish design, powerful stance and unique details.

A sedan with a coupe like appearance, the Fisker Karma exudes a distinctly sporty presence known for a long hood and short rear, a low roof line, legs apart, pronounced fenders and wheels of 22 inches.

The Fisker Karma is built on a long 124 inches (3160 mm) wheelbase, short overhangs but keep the overall length of 196.7 inches (4996 mm). 53.4 inches in the car (1330 mm) height is as low as some sports cars, while the indoor dining room is comfortable for four people. These dimensions are almost identical to the original concept car Fisker Karma.

The resistance is nice

Designing Sustainable and Responsible ™ Fisker Automotive Fisker Karma is the philosophy of the entire cabin, for example the use of recovery, recycled and reused.

Fisker leading to the luxury class, offering the most resistance-conscious design of its main results EcoChic ™ package. Exclusive EcoChic ™ series of high quality leather to replace the textile and EcoSuede ™ Premium cut.

Leather for the model centerline EcoSport ™ is the first self-sufficient in energy in the world, closed-loop manufacturing plant leather gas and electricity are generated at the site of the byproducts of the skin-making.
Hide acquired only from suppliers who take the five principles of freedom of humane treatment of animals. The management is a low-pigment and chrome-free, thus reducing the environmental impact. Harvest is the largest industry, which means less is used to hide. Each has its own Karma Ecosport internal consistency and the unique look, no two are the same.

Diamond Dust ™ paint option - another world first - contains 35 to 55 percent recycled glass flake mixture and process for water-based paint does not emit volatile organic compounds (VOCs). This luxurious option of painting leads the industry in the reflectivity and shine gloss.

Like the original concept car, the production of the Fisker Karma four-seater is a control panel for a large center console starts the dashboard behind the backrest. Fisker designers drew inspiration from nature and classic sports cars to Karma boat interiors. Lines were transferred to the sand dunes of the desert, inspired by the shapes of the interior, metal and glass-inspired materials add depth and clarity. Fisker Karma is a chrome-frame digital instrumentation, similar to that of the best Swiss watches and classic sports car instrumentation, focusing on ease of use.

Easy to use technology

The centerpiece of the cabin is Fisker Karma Command Center ™, which uses an industry first 10.2-inch (250 mm) touchscreen haptic force feedback, which reinforces the climate controls, audio, standard navigation, telephone and other vehicle systems.

Almost eliminates the design, manufacture, assembly, and users of the complexity associated with dozens of buttons found in conventional instrument panels, and reduce the waste associated with the vehicle at the end of life. Revenues are met with a momentary touch, sound and visual feedback, which allows the driver to confirm with confidence the system commands.

Fisker fully featured Command Center ™ will also provide integration with iPod ® and Bluetooth ® phone is associated. In addition, the Command Center ™ Fisker can see the flow of electricity from the battery, the motor-generator and regenerative braking, and energy benefits solar panel roof panel.

Operating modes accessible via icons fixed individual controls in each mode are instantly displayed on the touch screen. There is no paradigm for computer or learn to navigate menus.

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