IChange Rinspeed Concept [Reviews]

The Swiss Rinspeed Rinspeed iChange automatic power presents the concept, the first car in the world that the body adapts to the number of passengers on board. For the Rinspeed boss Rinderknecht the vehicle is more than a clever concept car. "The concept of Rinspeed iChange is a symbol of the fundamental changes in the automotive industry is suffering in the world. And it is clear that only companies that will survive innovative solutions to meet the demands of a new era of car" The seer is convinced Rinderknecht that the day of the energy giants are coming to an end ". The concept is a iChange Rinspeed signal a future change in overall personal mobility, we must be prepared to face these challenges with new ideas .."

Within seconds a streamlined sports car turns into a comfortable car with enough room for three. The trick: With the push of a button on the back of the car tear magic happens. "We designed and built an extremely flexible vehicle. We have made issues of flexibility and the evolution of energy demand to its logical conclusion." The result is a streamlined car, lightweight, zero emission energy significantly reduced.

The basic idea behind the concept "Rinspeed iChange: The energy demand of a vehicle depends mainly on its weight, the type of engine you use, and its aerodynamic properties. The engineering services company which is traditionally based Rinspeed cars ESOR concept built a very light car weighing just 1,050 kg. To drive the car, the Swiss experts have opted for an electric motor. The idea of ​​pop-up late in the rear has been designed taking into account the size effect Aerodynamic fuel plays.

While other cars always carrying around the outside that can accommodate swollen up to seven passengers, even if they are simply carrying out a single soul, iChange Rinspeed concept features an organ of adaptation. The driver was transported in a car with a teardrop-shaped aerodynamic properties that provides optimal power consumption and minimal. If more than one person to be transported back to the expansion provides space for two passengers. Due to weight gain and no longer increases the optimal aerodynamic power consumption - but only for the time passengers are actually on board.

The energy for the electric motor comes from lithium-ion batteries that are available in two different configurations of the battery to carry out short and long distance. The electric motor produces 150 kW iChange Rinspeed concept, capable of propelling the vehicle at a speed of 220 km / h. The sprint from rest to 100 km / h in just over four seconds. This impressive performance is made possible by using a six-speed pre-select the auto gearbox Subaru Impreza WRX. The central research department of Siemens AG (Corporate Technology, CT) has provided technology integration for motor / generator, electronics and interface for connecting the battery. Siemens has been a world leader in energy technologies and systems with the pioneers of the economic concepts of electric propulsion systems. Their products cover the entire value chain of power, from generation to distribution to consumption. The gearbox and transmission are lubricated with oil-eco-Motorex.
Extent of light 17 "and 18" forged wheels with aerodynamic covers are supplied by light alloy wheels AEZ specialists. Pirelli P Zero tires, size 215/40-17 front and 245/40-18 rear sizes offer the optimum grip.

A first date reveals about the concept car has no doors. All the electrical section of the roof of the car is only 1.03 meters high tilts forward to allow passengers to board. Nor are the mundane things like a key. Their role is filled by an Apple iPhone, which also controls the most important vehicle functions. The iChange Rinspeed concept is radically different from standard cars in every detail: the heart of the concept car is the next generation launch of Harman / Kardon information and entertainment system. The system uses an Intel processor technology ensures innovative power consumption low. The same is true for the audio system, Harman / Kardon high efficiency. This revolutionary technology meets the highest demands in sound quality, weighs less than conventional systems and at the same time using only a fraction of the energy. This opens the door to a new level of energy efficiency.

The wool used in the interior has been refined in the high-tech Schoeller wool with the state of the art processes. The wool is spun and died in accordance with the highest standards of eco. It gives an extremely extravagant atmosphere of Rinspeed Concept iChange, looks great and is sensitive to touch. Competence partner Strahl + Hess transformed this natural product in a remarkable interior. Its nature and materiality of the surface are combined to create a symbiosis of the air shell, firmness and foaming. Non-traditional techniques to create unusual surfaces. The seams of the seats are reversed, and the removable seat cushions are adorned with the name of the prototype. XMobile given additional customization services. While textiles can be found in the Concept Rinspeed iChange in their original form in other areas, is the newly interpreted seats and cargo floor using different refinement techniques such as weaving and collection and a combination of both .

Strips of leather alternative suppliers of technical textiles. Seat cushions are replaceable, seemed to alternate between technical textile fabric formed by three-dimensional shapes. This moves the concept of adaptation plans Rinspeed iChange interior as well. Diamond tools, non-slip floor sanding experts provided KGS.

The Swiss Federal Energy (Bundesamt für Energie), supports the project "iChange", an innovative research and development. The solar panels on top and sides and roof to provide electricity for the fan to maintain the temperature of the Rinspeed concept iChange comfortably low in the hot summer days. Sharp solar panels to recharge the batteries will also be environmentally friendly.
The Rinspeed Concept iChange Rinderknecht, a Bucheres FC fans watch wearer and his partner once again wants to give food for thought for the automotive industry. The Swiss automotive visionary. "If we want to preserve our individual mobility in the future, we must rethink the car in its entirety, without taboos, especially, we have to take environmental aspects into consideration." And finally everyone personally answer the same questions: Am I willing to change me, and can "I change?

The orientation of the navigation system is also very environmentally friendly: The system calculates the maximum power saving route and displays instructions for realistic 3D. Eberspächer Group Esslingen, Germany is world leader in the hot car. Specifically for Eberspächer "iChange" project developed for measuring electric and heating fuel. Both systems are targeted at specific needs and conditions of electric vehicles.

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