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Six years after his birth, the car that created the luxury sport sedan segment continues to receive accolades from the public, car enthusiasts and the press. Maserati has decided to celebrate the success of the superlative version of blending elegance and sporty elegance of the leading brands, through a combination of great refinement of detail, hand finishing and has a clearly talented sportsman.

During his six years of life, the Maserati Quattroporte has received some 56 awards the most prestigious publications in the automotive and lifestyle in fourteen countries on four continents: a global acceptance that the car has created for himself over the years, not is necessary to maintain the attractiveness of the purity of lines and shapes created by the hand of Pininfarina, who defined it as an instant classic.

Awards The Maserati Quattroporte Sport GT S, based on the Quattroporte Sport GT S, a car tries to combine all the features referred to Trident flagship in its segment:

The unique and elegant style, mixed with a touch of sporty style because of the striking features were adopted in exterior and interior;

driving pleasure, because "Awards Edition" is based on the Quattroporte Sport GT S, which boasts a dynamic performance and advanced;

craft of hand-finished details that make each car a unique product.

New finish fused quartz - pearlescent metallic gray with shades of gold - only this model that makes it instantly recognizable on the outside, and emphasizes the elegant lines of the body. Treatment chrome used on the outside of the side vents and radiator surround, is also mixed with 20 "Multi Trident dark gray with a polishing wheel.

The braking system that simulates the system will be installed Quattroporte Sport GT S, and uses dual-cast technology, is further enhanced by hand and polished calipers front and rear. With a Maserati Quattroporte Sport GT S Awards Edition, Maserati and Brembo in this market for the first time, Polished calipers, were treated for Precision Mechanics and processes with a hand mirror finish that gives them special appearance and improve its sporting credentials at the same time.

Edition of the Maserati Quattroporte Sport GT S prices, the latest jewel in the Maserati range, made its official debut at the Geneva Auto Show 2010.
The interior also reflects the combination of sporty styling and craftsmanship that has always characterized the Maserati's flagship sedan. Poltrona Frau leather seats with Alcantara perforated combined with a new model wavy and Alcantara headlining at the moment. Fill the interior space are the special brushed aluminum door moldings and glossy Piano Black wood trim.

From a full meal was enriched with black chrome accents and leather side pocket. The attention to detail even extended to carpets, which are made of a material rich and sweet.

A special external "Price Edition" plaque in the series completes the look of the car and makes an already unique car even more apparent.

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