Fisker Karma Prototype [Reviews]

 Fisker Automotive Inc., a green American premium sports car company announced its first production, the Fisker Karma, the 2008 North American International Auto Show (NAIAS) in Detroit. The first of its kind four-door premium sports sedan hybrid will have a starting price of $ 80,000. The first deliveries will begin Karma 4 quarter of 2009 the annual production is projected to rise to 15 000 cars. The first 99 cars off the assembly line is numbered and signed by Henrik Fisker and will be manufactured in color and finish of NAIAS saw the car show.

In Buddhism / Hinduism, Karma is defined as the force generated by the good or bad actions of a person who determines the nature of the existence of the next person. The Fisker Karma allows consumers to practice good Karma - driving a car that respects the environment - without sacrificing the extreme comfort and style of the luxury car category.

"In creating Fisker Automotive, Inc., we have tried to develop a range of beautiful environmentally friendly cars that make sense for the environment without commitment," said Fisker Automotive, Inc. CEO Henrik Fisker. "Our hope is that the Fisker Karma is the beginning of a new trend in the automotive sector -. Less concession with more efficiency"
In the car world-class plug-in hybrid cars, has written as Q DRIVE, developed by Quantum Technologies exclusively for Fisker Automotive. Karma is a Q-drive configuration is composed of small gasoline engine that turns the generator that charges a lithium ion battery, the power of the electric motor and turning the rear wheels. This is your own design, users can drive the car emission free for up to 50 miles a day if the car is charged every evening. It 'possible that if consumers follow this daily routine, they just need to power your car, but once a year. This technology DRIVE Q will provide the basis for all future derivatives of Fisker Automotive.

"Our goal is to produce a progression of that Quantum Technologies has made in technology plug-in hybrid combining our efforts with the design talent of Henrik Fisker, we can produce cars that make a difference to the environment without -. sacrificing the luxury with the most beautiful cars, "said Alan Niedzwiecki, CEO Quantum Technologies.

Fisker Karma Design

Stylish design emphasizing long hood Fisker Karma, is a direct result of brand new step for the development from scratch powertrain chassis design. This unique design to set the battery in the middle of the vehicle between the two axes, one with excellent driving characteristics of the vehicle, very safe, and proportionate design. Both indoor and outdoor spaces, and the machine will see the market as NAIAS.

Fisker Karma Interior

The luxurious interior of the Karma has four individual seats in first class, modern and sophisticated interior design and a spacious luggage capacity that can hold two golf bags and luggage in the trunk. Other optional interior features include:
Electronic Aides: Navigation system, DVD player built into seat backs and state-of-the-art button controls

Seat comfort: four separate "first class" seats

Driving Modes: The driver can choose between two driving modes. The first mode is "Stealth Drive", which is quiet save mode for optimal relaxed and efficient driving. The inversion of the second paddle behind the wheel, the car starts to "Sport Drive", which will have access to the full power of the vehicle.

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