Alfa Romeo TZ3 Stroke

Atelier Zagaton informing the introduction of Alfa Romeo TZ3 the twelfth stroke of the Villa d'Este Concours d'Elegance.

Stroke TZ3 is to design a training session. It does not take inspiration from just 90 years of cooperation in two brands, not just what Milan between Alfa Romeo and Zagaton. TZ3 Corsa is a car racing, honoring 100 years of competitions, and useful throughout the twentieth century.

It celebrates the men and machines for the Alfa Romeo Zagaton a common tradition. Scuderia Ferrari is a 20-30, Alfa Corse, as well as 40 and 50, auto delta of 60 and 70 until the new Scuderia Zagaton 80 and 90.
Recalling the emotions of the race, the TZ3 Corsa chassis is based on a single tube of carbon fiber hull, with a tubular chassis and a lightweight aluminum body. Which has technical partners such as Pirelli and OMP.

The assets of the gentlemen Zagato driver, the car was commissioned by the Alfa Romeo Zagato collector Martin Kapp during Tribute to Zagato Zandvoort event where over 130 Alfa Romeo Zagato celebrated 90 years of the brand.

Martin Kapp owns, including his collection Alfa Romeo SZ Coda Coda Tonda and Tronca SZ, TZ and TZ2, Junior Z and SZ.

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