HSV Grange WM3 (2011) [Reviews]

Australia high performance car manufacturer Holden Special Vehicles will launch a more powerful, redesigned new HSV Grange WM3 with a series of new technologies as part of its series of improvements MY11 model.

HSV Grange was first included in the HSV line-up in 1997 and was flagship of the company for luxury, the standard of performance luxury car in Australia.

HSV Grange WM3 has received numerous upgrades and improvements, including more power, a package of new and more dynamic, and an impressive number of new technologies.

HSV managing director Phil Harding believes that updates the new Grange is the nature of the vehicle.

"The buyer wants the car Grange traditionally the most luxurious and technologically advanced performance that is Australian made," said Smith.

"Grange has always fitted this description well, but the new style, more power and additional technology WM3 makes a convincing proposal for a luxury car buyer who is passionate about driving."

HSV Grange WM3 will be on sale at the end of September 2010, and will be the second HSV (continued GTS) is a company powered by a 325kW 6.2-liter LS3 V8.

Consequently, the HSV Grange now has only the company of "Hi-flow" exhaust silencer again through bi-modal. Maximum torque is 550 Nm at 4600rpm.

HSV Grange WM3 will receive a new front and rear design, and for the first time to include daytime running lights, door luxury flagship is responsible for the appearance of the HSV range.

Julian Quincey, head of design and style HSV, believes the new look will appeal to buyers of Grange-over.

"We made the HSV Grange more dynamic car research and update offers a greater presence on the road," he said.
"It's definitely still has the sleek and the proportions you would expect from a luxury car and high performance, but we have added some more details of masculine as the DRL and Shockwave exhaust tips inspired."

HSV Grange is also a new alternative to expensive skin color of Urban Light, which is available as an option Onyx Black.

Exciting new technologies

HSV focus on technology and innovation sees the introduction of three new and unique technologies, the HSV Grange WM3.

Standard HSV Grange receives improved driver interface (EDI), which has an intuitive touch-screen performance of a data connection. EDI provides real-time vehicle dynamics and performance information at your fingertips drivers'.

Improve Driver Interface

Tim Jackson, Marketing Director-General believes that this feature of HSV HSV perfect customer.

"EDI is for driving enthusiasts for the first time, our customers will have real-time information, including gravity, power and torque, throttle and brake position, and stability control data available to the entire -. driver, "he said.

"For real enthusiasts, who can even download their data on a USB stick and analyzed in their phones."

HSV Grange is also available with TSV technology LPI new option, whereby the engine can run on both LPG and unleaded regular.

Liquid Propane Injection (LPI)

This unique technology has seen significant improvements in cost management and production of emissions - up to 15 percent - while retaining all the power and torque that customers expect from HSV.

HSV Engineering Director Joel Stoddart said that the uniqueness of this technology.

"LPI technology adds LPG in liquid form instead of steam. This allows cooler combustion and a better mix, which allows us to maintain engine performance while reducing CO2 emissions, "he said.

"Marry that with the reduction of operating costs of the GPL, and I think the system provides a tangible benefit to the customer."

Side blind zone alert

As a rule, the HSV Grange receives warning Side Blind Zone (SBZA) that provides information and alerts the driver when objects pass through the blind spot of your vehicle.

HSV SBZA its introduction is the first time such technology is installed in the Australian-made cars.

General Sales Manager of HSV, Darren Bowler, says it's this type of technology that the HSV Grange buyer has a right to expect.

"Our customer expects Grange named the best car in our range," he said.

"The addition of standard SBZA Grange represents a second Australian first for HSV. The combination of the introduction of these technologies that add more power and a great new look reinforces the position of Grange as the ultimate in Australian luxury performance cars built. "

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