Jaguar XF (2012) [Reviews]

Salon, where the soul of the Jaguar sports car, the XF has won accolades and enthusiastic fans around the world for its dynamic and a dramatic look. Advances in lighting technology have enabled the new 2012 Jaguar XF range to accept a bold language project for the Jaguar XJ flagship sedan.

Changes grills bumpers, bonnet and new front triangle, side air intakes give the car a more muscular, purposeful look. XFR top of the range will have its own unique transparent design style emphasizes a potential alternative to drive performance option "aerodynamic" is available to all other derivatives, for a total of three radically different style options.

The headlights now include bi-xenon HID technology base that allows them to be much thinner and more compact, while providing exceptional resolution of the beam. It also includes LED daytime running lights arranged in a "distinctive pattern-J Jaguar signature sheet for instant identification.

The rear lights have been completely renewed and is now expanding in the central part of the tailgate. These new units are currently in full LED stop light and functions of indicators and give Jaguar XF much overnight after the signing. Distinguishes them is a revised tailgate finisher with a lower edge glossy black for a cleaner look. The startup also stopping power on all models.

Three new paint colors and enhanced light alloy wheels range varies 17-20 inches to make adjustments to the revised design.

"The XF has been justly recognized as a quintessential Jaguar sedan. It is intentional, but elegant, with the intention inherent in the design of sports. For the latest version we have been able to evolve and improve performance as the character car XF visually more dynamic in its class. "Ian Callum, Design Director of Jaguar Cars

Jaguar XF and transmission dynamics

The most important improvements of the Jaguar XF is to introduce a 2.2-liter AJ-i4d turbo diesel. The device is a low-friction pistons and water-cooled turbocharger to increase efficiency as well as active engine mounts, and changes in the oil pan and the block to reduce NVH levels. The result is not only most of the Jaguar fuel engine ever, but it provides a level of complexity comparable to that previously installed 2.7-liter V6 diesel, and all benefits under the Jaguar sports sedan. Further development is ensured in all models by using additional acoustic protection and the use of computational fluid dynamics smooth the flow of outside air.

Power output is 190p with an impressive torque of 450 nm to give muscle performance expected of a Jaguar. To reach 60 mph in 8.0 seconds, the car will reach a top speed of 140 mph. However, the unit still manages 52.3mpg on the EU combined cycle - making it the most affordable Jaguar ever - and emits only 149g/km of CO2 and is the stage Euro V compatible.

Smart Stop / Start

He also made his debut with the 2.2 liter diesel engine is new Jaguar Smart Stop / Start, the first time that this technology is a luxury sedan in diesel. This automatically cuts the engine in just 300 milliseconds when the vehicle stops, to improve fuel economy and CO2 emissions of between five and seven percent.

No driver intervention is necessary, the engine management software to analyze many complex factors, in order to determine when the engine can be stopped safely. Tandem solenoid starter with a dedicated secondary battery starts the motor instantly when the driver's foot leaves the brake pedal, ensuring it is running optimally time the accelerator is pressed. To facilitate this process, the transmission properties of the hydraulic Impulse Warehousing, which supplies oil pressure to go to the link elements.

For the first time, all versions are available with diesel Jaguar system of dynamic adaptation, allowing the enthusiast driver to enjoy a car chassis control and exceptional sports to discover the soul of the Jaguar XF.

Jaguar XF Interior

Whether we consider the driver or passenger, the passenger in the Jaguar XF is a unique welcoming and elegant to spend time using high quality materials in a truly modern.
Continued function surprise and delight the "dramatic" Jaguar Drive Selector provides that, rising from the center console and air vents that rotate in their open position when the start button is pressed, the Jaguar XF interior has also had a major update.

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