Huayra Pagani (2012) [Reviews]

The eternity of the air element. Smooth and elegant, but the wind, which can further erode the material that gives rise to different forms known in nature. Sleek and muscular Huayra Pagani unites past, present and future in a timeless interpretation of the Art Car.

The car's design has been cut over the next five years to find the beginning and end of each line. This study during the eight models were created, as well as two models of 1:01, each of the previous developments in the endless attempt to perfect the shape and material processing.

Bi-xenon headlights are just one of many precious gifts Zonda R, and LED daytime running lights are perfectly integrated in a design elliptical form. The rear bumper diffuser integrates and manages an elliptical structure, surrounded by four tailpipes main Pagani becoming an item.


Plants in the new unibody Huayra Pagani is a completely new carbontitanium. However, with the butterfly doors gash on the roof, the research has focused on achieving high levels of rigidity in the application of new advanced composite materials and technologies of the first test of the Zonda R. The fuel tank is located entirely within the protected zone of the monocoque, behind the driver, reinforced safety cell in different composite materials and ballistics. Front and rear sub-frame provides exceptional strength to weight CrMo to allow the suspension to work at its best, while incorporating an advanced crash structure absorbs energy, ready to protect occupants in the unlikely event of an impact .
The endless quest for weight loss also led to a combination of structural and non structural or aesthetic. An example is the integration of all ventilation systems, air ducts in the monocoque structure that makes use of spare parts and unnecessary chains.

The result of this attention to detail is a vehicle weighing 1.350 kg Pagani Huayra makes the lightest sports car in its class.


As soon as the doors are closed Pagani Huayra to carry passengers into a new dimension to the world, which is surprising and sensual pleasure. Take everything at hand is not close enough to the characteristics of the vehicle Huayra Pagani. Thus, the driver will find all the main functions directly on the steering wheel. Paddles mounted directly on the steering wheel so the driver should not remove your hands from the steering wheel. The seats offer comfort and to make long journeys more enjoyable as well as lateral support is required when the g-forces build up of extreme driving.

A Pagani in a position to provide motorists with the state cutting-edge solutions, while leveraging the rich history that precedes it. The emphasis everywhere on a living breathing, rather than a digital. This can be seen in everything from leather collars to switch, but that philosophy finds its purest expression in the mechanics of the aluminum shift lever assembly, a monument of art to change speed manual, progress does not deny the past. The aluminum panel was inspired by the Swiss watch design the most complex and includes a central multi-function display shows the performance of the relevant information when the Sport mode is engaged and an onboard computer when the mode COMFORT is activated. The center console aluminum is machined from a block of aluminum and has a set of style clarinet mechanical switches control the HVAC system.

High definition television is the heart of central touch-screen entertainment system, vehicle, which controls the audio, satellite navigation, functionality, and the second car Bluetooth phone.

On the road

To date, five prototypes were built, what the road tests in the last 4 years. Currently, more than half a million miles have been covered by our prototypes and before entering the U.S. market, which have reached one million kilometers of testing.

Each prototype is set to a specific development task. Mercedes-AMG is used to develop the driveability, emissions, and the other used for development. A car is constantly Bosch Engineering Application of ABS and stability and has developed systems to improve performance. Yet another vehicle is used to test the switch, and the overall development of vehicle dynamics.


The car meets the strictest European and American standards in terms of safety and pollution standards. Several studies have been conducted to determine the most frequent types of accidents at high-performance cars. The results of these studies we have done to develop specific security measures not required by law, but to ensure better protection for occupants. Several cars were used for these tests.


Ancient legends tell us Indians Huayra Tata, the wind god, who commands the winds, blizzards and winds that invade the mountains, rocks and hills of the highlands of the Andes. It is said that Tata Huayra lives deep in the peaks and valleys, leaving them only the power to show his wife Pachamama, the goddess of Mother Earth. Tata Power Huayra was able to collect the waters of Lake Titicaca, and rain them down on a fertile Pachamama. Tata Huayra when asleep, and rivers provides a quiet area. But the calm before the storm was interrupted ...

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