Hummer HX Concept

With its unique design and a compact Hummer, go-anywhere driving ethic, the HUMMER HX concept challenges the hierarchy of the track. HUMMER displayed the nimble, reconfigurable off-road in the Salon of 2008 North American International Auto.

More compact than a HUMMER H3 - 81 inches (2057 mm) wide with a wheelbase of 103 inches (2616 mm) - the HX concept is an open air, two-door off-road vehicle that packs off-road feel is HUMMER legendary, with an easily convertible body that acclimates to varied trail conditions, cargo needs or passenger whims. Its design is based on ideas developed by a trio of young designers who are new to the HUMMER studio.

"The HX is HUMMER's vision an agile, trail ready, open-air vehicle that fits the lifestyle of those who need or want to drive off-road," said Martin Walsh, General Manager HUMMER. "Of course, carries exceptional off-road capability and distinctive style, which all Hummers are known."

The HX offers an open-air driving experience via a pair of removable roof panels above the driver and front passenger, and a modular, removable rear roof. With the roof panels and roof, the HX becomes a true convertible.

Easy to remove the roof panels and rear roof allows the rapid conversion of a closed vehicle open. The HX also was designed a series of figures, so this is a versatile vehicle, it can be configured to SUT (with the roof removed), an elegant Slant-back or a traditional, wagon-like design that offers space load a little 'more.

External targeted

The design of the HX was driven by input from three young designers who were new to GM and the HUMMER design studio. As part of their "initiation", they were responsible for developing designs for a smaller, younger HUMMER and the HX is a direct result of their creativity. The HX concept is based on a designer original illustrations, but incorporates the best ideas and elements from other designs.
"HUMMER appeals to young people around the world and served as a perfect job for our first new talent," said Ed Welburn, vice president of Global Design. "Today's graduates in design schools are ready to start running. The HUMMER design challenge gave our newest designers an opportunity to race."

Inside and out, the HX view purposeful aesthetic that, from the original project ran out of clay models, developed, only six months.

"This is the Hummer design language reduced to the essence," said David Rojas, creative designer. "The HX has an aggressive appearance and great proportions, with beauty lying in its functional austerity."

Outside, the theme of light and is reflected in the appearance of exposed suspension components including billet aluminum CNC relieves lighting, cleaning and adjustment, bodywork and minimal trim. The theme is a bit to the extreme when the roof panels, roof, fender flares and doors are removed.

Indexes classic HUMMER design for HX instantly recognizable, including round headlamps located in square housings, windshield law profile, minimal overhangs, hood vents and prominent air intakes. The air intakes are functional and feed a V-6 engine under the hood while the hood vents are active - they articulate to allow hot air to escape under the hood.

And while the headlamps and grille are clearly HUMMER rates have evolved on the HX with a "chopped circle" motif. Slots grille and headlights, as well as elements of its interior, have the appearance of circles or ovals that have been cut at the top and bottom, creating a unique appearance that speaks to the aesthetics of deliberate vehicle.

"The 'cut' circles are larger, heavy components that were trimmed to meet the compact HX," said Rojas.

And while it is unadorned foreign decorations, outside HX is equipped with features that speak to HUMMER legacy of technology and innovation, including HID headlamps with focusing rings that adjust automatically when switched on - just like the self-made Focus SLR camera type. LED technology is used in lamps blinkers front and rear lights.

Inspired interiors Aeronautically

Seating plane of inspiration for integrated, off-road-ready tools, the HUMMER HX inner beauty that lies in his deliberate intention. It was inspired by the functional elements and light in the plane.

"Aeronautical parts are designed for both light and strong, that is the feeling exuded by the HX's cabin," said Stuart Norris, interior design director. "There is no point in a cut or appearance - it is an appropriate design that convey beauty through strength."
Strengthening stripped of essence feel, matte olive color was moved inside largely covered with sheet metal panels. The color is accented with pressed or extruded aluminum components, such as handles, switches and other necessary components.

Promote aviation influence the dashboard, which uses a presentation of extruded aluminum cross-vehicle beam from its foundation. In the bar, the instrument panel and other vital controls are mounted, and also has a range of unique retreat that offers greater storage capacity.

"The dashboard is an element of style for the HX, and removing the top cover reveals a design ethic that enhances the design side of the base vehicle," says Norris. "With the cover removed, the interior is expressed more of a basic essence - and the structure beneath the cover is beautiful for those who appreciate finely crafted metal."

A rubberized floor and ballistic nylon-material covering on the instrument panel and other interior components reinforces the functional aesthetic.

Seating and console details

Like aircraft seats, the HX seats are built on a lightweight framework with minimal components that have holes strength improves lighting and appliances or triangulations. They are mounted on exposed, aircraft-style tracks and trimmed with a waterproof neoprene material.

The HX seats four, a pair of bucket-type seats in the second row. The rear seats mimic the front seats can be removed from the design and generate more cargo space. All seats have four-point racing style seat belts.

The inner ring of the seat in the front seats is located beneath the outer edges of a center console in sight. The console offers exceptional storage capability and houses a single lever goes down and the road when the vehicle is parked - also hiding it the engine start button. Spring has a deck that appears when the controller is ready to select a gear.

The console also houses a place to relax phones, MP3 players and iPod or iPhone. In fact, there is no conventional radio HX-only speakers. Passengers can connect an iPod or similar device, the USB connector to play music in the HX.

"From the console to the cargo space behind the seats, there are simply opportunities for storage in the HX indescribable," said Norris. "It's like a backpack with four wheels and is equipped with needs."

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