BMW 650i Convertible (2012) [Reviews]

The Concept BMW 6 Series Coupe made its debut at the 2010 Los Angeles Auto International as a backdrop, BMW has announced production-ready BMW 650I Convertible. The new Cabriolet 650i will go on sale in spring 2011 as a 2012 model of the U.S.. The final price, options and packages will be announced closer to sale date.

Words like "awesome" and "irresistible" mark the history of BMW convertible. Now, BMW has opened a new chapter in the tradition of the cars on top. The new BMW 650i Convertible meets the wishes of the most demanding car aficionados as the driving machine ultimate in luxury ® and crisp sounds good revolutionaries. In the premium convertible market, the BMW 650i convertible has a convincing argument with the latest technology and comfort of the frame of the most innovative information and entertainment and safety.

A sweeping hood, rear cabin kit cab, long wheelbase and muscular profile embody the characteristic proportions of a BMW convertible. The new BMW 650i coupe combines these features with a classic soft top roof with flying buttress design. Severely curved surfaces of the lines lifting the BMW driving experience expected. The luxurious interior ambience is emphasized by a driver-oriented cockpit, which surrounds the front and rear passengers a sense of certainty aesthetics. Nowhere feature high-class cabin emphasized more visible than in the new free-standing design 10.2 "screen central standard iDrive control system.

V-8 engine with direct injection, high precision and overeating.

The 4.4-liter V-8 engine develops a maximum of 400 hp between 5500 and 6400 rpm, and makes maximum torque of 450 lb-ft between 1750 and 4500 rpm (preliminary). This unique "reverse flow" engine, the turbo is located in the V-area between the cylinder banks, provides an immediate and sustained surge of power, making it a delight for the energetic enthusiast driver.
Instantaneous power and torque are the stand-out features of the V-8 engine available for the new BMW 650i convertible. The engine combines sporting character with exceptional finesse delivery, linear power and exceptional efficiency. The engine can be combined with any new BMW gearbox or 8-speed Sport automatic transmission BMW 6-speed manual traditional, very popular among North American fans.

The new BMW 650i Convertible integrates Sprint, 0-60 mph 4.9 seconds with manual transmission (4.9 seconds in 8-speed automatic), and top speed is electronically limited to 155 mph. This engine also offers outstanding efficiency of the power class of the model. EPA figures will be available closer to the on-sale in 2011.

8-speed Sport Automatic.

Transmission 8-speed Sport Automatic mounted on the new BMW 650i Convertible offers a perfect combination of speed, flexibility, agility and efficiency. His little slip torque converter and shifting fast that distinguish it. An innovative gear configuration allows the transfer of all offer eight-speed, optimizing sprint power still allows the driver to save fuel by driving at low speeds. Naturally, the driver can choose to select gears manually via paddle shifters on the leather sports steering wheel standard.

Moreover, the efficiency of the engine and the 8-speed sport automatic transmission, a wide range of BMW EfficientDynamics measures to reduce fuel consumption and emissions. Brake Energy Regeneration, on-demand operation of auxiliary components, intelligent lightweight design and a large aerodynamic refinement to ensure maximum effectiveness.

Chassis Management and optional Integral Active Steering.

Advanced chassis technology offers the new BMW 650i convertible with the tools to provide a sporty driving and comfort. The wheel double-wishbone front and multilink rear axle are made primarily of aluminum. The framework is tailored to the needs of drivers with sporting intentions, although the dampers react sensitively to bumps in the road surface with a high lateral acceleration. The optional stabilizing active role in combination with the dynamic damper control to provide standard answers to the driver even more precise and perfectly flat in turns. Electronically controlled dampers are adjusted to the road and the driver's style full control of the movements of the car body.

The control system with electronic damping BMW 6 Series Convertible sets the compression and rebound settings permanently and independently. For example, the establishment of a rigid frame can easily combine the responses to the inequality in the road surface. The control unit dampening system processes the data provided by sensors in the lifting movement of the wheels and the height of the car body. Conduction velocity and the damper setting chosen by the driver are also included in the calculation of the damping force for each wheel to match body movements. This data is returned to the registration units in intervals of only 2.5 milliseconds.

Active roll stabilization function (optional) reduces body roll when cornering at high speed and sudden changes of direction, or transitions. Sensors determine the amount of roll based on the driving situation at hand, and it is then quickly and accurately replicated by rotary hydraulic actuators at the front and rear swaybars axle, leading to a significant improvement in the management movement of the body.

The electric power steering standard features speed-sensitive Servotronic vehicle assistance, the family recipe and serves the response of BMW precision, comfort and linear.

The new BMW 650i Convertible is the first car in its class, which can be permanently installed in the Active Steering. This system combines active front steering (available with the previous generation 6 Series Convertible), with a new, controlled from the rear. And 'right aligned steering angle moves both axes to create a virtual extension or shortening the wheelbase of the vehicle, which promotes more rapid stabilization and improved maneuverability for parking and use of the city.

Brakes, wheels and tires.
The floating-caliper brakes with ventilated discs lightweight are easy to use with precision and effectiveness is enhanced by the Dynamic Stability Control (DSC). DSC combines technology such as antilock brakes (ABS), Dynamic Traction Control (DTC), brake control in curves (CBC), Dynamic Brake Control (DBC), the wizard of dismissal, brake drying function Automatic brake fade compensation. Standard equipment also includes 8.5 x19-inch alloy wheels with runflat tires all season (of size 245/40 R19) and a control tire pressure.

Driving Dynamics Panel.

With the standard of driving dynamics, the sporty driving qualities dominant athletic and driving comfort chosen by the driver, while demand situations. The driver can choose the parameters of comfort, Normal, Sport and Leisure + states through the large toggle switch on the center console. Parameters affected include the setting of the throttle response, power steering, shock absorbers, roll stabilization (if installed), Integral Active Steering (if equipped), and features automatic shifter. + Sport mode, the mode Dynamic Traction Control system standard Dynamic Stability Control is activated, raising the thresholds of stability in most driving conditions based sport.

Superior chassis technology, in collaboration with the tip of the engine to give the driver a greater dynamic capacity and ride comfort improvement over the previous generation 6 Series Convertible.

Design: athletic elegance, natural sportsmanship.

Dynamic driving experience, the new BMW 650i Convertible is the presence of the athletic and sporty appearance. A long bonnet, set the cabin, aft cabin, long wheelbase and muscular proportions Profile Create a signature BMW Convertible. The precise interaction between lines and attractive surfaces are carefully designed to help give the new BMW 650i Convertible show-stopping display.
As the lines of outward projection of the nose of the car and continue along its entire length, the curved surfaces of the body based on the harmonic motion of the waves emitted by an arc d'boat without piercing the water . Continuing the theme, the waist area that leads into the body mimics the classic character of a tramp.

The new BMW 650i convertible introduces the viewer to its dynamic nature, by design front and rear. The large, slightly tilted forward the kidney BMW grille - the "shark-nose 6-Series," which is characterized by many fans - the car gives a feeling of surging ahead, while a big cat air cover wheel arches and muscular surprisingly boundary element refers to the powerful engine and the handling of athletic ability. High quality chrome located at the outer edges of the front platform to further accentuate the width of the car. Standard LED lamps are placed ahead of chromium.

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