BMW Alpina B5 Touring Bi-Turbo (2011)

ALPINA cars are designated by their finely balanced driving dynamics, comfort and everyday luxury. Add to that the exceptional functionality and the result is the new BMW ALPINA B5 Touring Bi-Turbo - the fastest of its kind!

Touring intelligently combines the sophistication of the exclusive right of Salo is pronounced with the functionality and versatility. Make no mistake, the Touring offers up to 1670 liters of storage space for luggage and a brilliant concept, even if its a luxury performance genes.

Finely honed suspension and frame assembly, combined with a variable shock absorbers makes comfort an exemplary ride and handling while providing a clear and excellent stability at high speeds.

Bi-Turbo V8 Touring accelerates from 0 to 62 mph in 4.8se 700nm of torque, combined with a unique 8-speed automatic sports SWITCH-TRONIC power is readily available. A modern, dynamic and well-toned look - ALPINA B5 Bi-Turbo Touring has all the right visual characteristics make it the ideal companion for business travelers.

Powertrain - Performance First Class and Economy

All-aluminum V8 produces 507 hp center (373 kW) at a moderate 5500 rpm and maximum torque of 700 Nm from 3000 rpm 4750. "Bi-Turbo" refers to two turbo-chargers configured in parallel, each feeding the cylinder banks. Specifically developed for large diameter turbine exhaust to allow the engine to provide both exceptional power and more torque, in particular the wide range of speeds, while maintaining excellent accelerator at low speeds.

A high-efficiency cooling system consists of a system of indirect cooling (air-to-water/water-to-air) taking short strokes, and increased flow intercooler. Systems ensures excellent thermodynamic efficiency of a large number of low-temperature radiator intercooler, as well as two water-air intercooler located near the engine. Effective MAHLE pistons are specifically designed to handle the pressures and temperatures up to 1.0 bar and the charging nominal ratio of 9.2:1 compression engine. Overall, this result is an impressive specific output 115.3 bhp (85kW) per liter and the total average pressure of 20.1 bar.

Direct injection and Double-VANOS promote ALPINA B5 Bi-Turbo is the best class performance, emissions and economy in this segment: 10.8l/100km / 26.2mpg (Touring: 10.9l/100km / 25.9mpg) and 252g/km ( Touring 255g/km), CO2 (measured according to the ECE combined).

DESIGN & INTERIOR - Craft Classic meets modern technology

The Alpina B5 Bi-Turbo Alpina present typical virtues and the signals of the design of a new and compelling, with a refreshing and dynamic aspect. Both the sedan and Touring silhouette begins with a front catch the attention which is strong and confident, and end with a harmonic and elegant bag. ALPINA brand runs two tubes artistically integrated into the rear valence has a discrete diffuser. The fixture can be removed if necessary, the client must want to be able to tow a trailer optional. In combination with the rear spoiler (sedan), Bi-Turbo B5 Total ALPINA aerodynamics package provides the highest degree of security and stability, especially at high speeds. The resulting reduction in lift, depending on the speed, can reach a remarkable 60% -30%, front and back.

The interior reveals the password provided to suggest that the unique pedigree discreet Alpina B5 Bi-Turbo. The level of standard equipment is complete: leather interior, comfort seats versatile and adjustable, navigation system with Bluetooth excellent preparation, and all xenon headlights ensure that the driver and passenger comfort. The Lavalina hand-stitched leather steering wheel can be placed SWITCH-TRONIC exactly as required to see the indicators ALPINA blue with black panel technology LCD with electrically adjustable steering column. The traditional ALPINA Myrtle Burl wood offers a warm - only available in the U.S. Pacific coast, which grows from cultivated forests of Laurel trees dedicated to this purpose. ALPINA Piano lacquer interior trim optional diamond silver diagonally, offers a modern alternative and equally exclusive.
Hot cabin and modern treatments promote a feeling of wellbeing. For those who do the same reward as something unique, exclusive and volume to the ALPINA philosophy of craft work offer an almost infinite range of customization.

TRANSMISSION - Eight-speed all-rounder

Adapted and tested in collaboration with ZF, the tip SWITCH-TRONIC Sport automatic transmission 8 speed sets a new benchmark. With the creed of the ALPINA philosophy guide our engineers have spent thousands of hours of development and testing to ensure that no automatic transmission performance of other methods to provide this level of comfort and performance.

A mixture of eight speeds and plenty of torque provides exceptional comfort gear changes without significant disruption of power - only with the acoustics of a dynamic and a tachometer to provide feedback on the activities of transmission. 700nm of torque means that the ALPINA B5 Bi-Turbo excels at cruising speed through the high speed turn minimum speed will benefit both consumers and comfort.

Using the Sport (S), the mode of travel, an entirely different nature is revealed: the transfer is clear and unmistakable now. Innovative single-cylinder fade (the so-called Einzelzylinderausblendung "in German), originally designed for use in race car ALPINA B6 GT3, makes for a very rapid change, which takes only milliseconds. Second of load transfer, injection of the cylinder since fuel is suspended in a split second, to create necessary to reduce the torque requirements of the automatic transmission up-shift. The advantage over a typical way to slow down the timing of the change are much faster, to improve the thermal efficiency of dynamic exhaust temperatures and lower fuel economy. Every time the pressure change associated with a deep burble.

SWITCH-TRONIC buttons for use in manual shift (M), ergonomics and unobstrusively located behind the steering wheel and allows the driver to take full control of the transmission. The system allows multiple simultaneous downgrade in milliseconds, so the transmission will skip several gears, depending on engine load and speed. In this way, 8-speed transmission with automatic Alpina Sport SWITCH-TRONIC is revealed as a feature of travel entitlement extremely multifaceted any and all situations.
Automatic up-shift means that the data transfer time to switch to a higher gear, after a certain threshold speed has been exceeded with the current gear. In some driving situations, this may not be desired, for example, while driving race-oriented, or for example, faced with many narrow hair-pin corners. Simultaneous choice of both Sport, Sport +, or SDC-off with the Dynamic Drive Control key and selecting the Mode Shift M (transfer) until you turn off the automatic shift funtion. Transmission to the selected gear until the maximum speed (electronically limited), and not automatically change gears.

Intelligent switch to a state-of-the-art engine and transmission technologies allow ALPINA B5 Bi-Turbo stunning performance figures: only 4.7 (Touring: 4.8) seconds, 0-100 km / h / 0-62 mph is necessary, on the way up to a maximum speed of 307 km / h / 191 mph (Touring: 303 km / h / 188 mph). Massive feature of braking in the form of high-performance vented brake (front: 374mm/14.7in behind 345mm/14.6in) assures better braking purebred sports cars.

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