Alfa Romeo TZ3 Road

The Stradale Alfa Romeo Zagato TZ3 by chassis is based on the mechanics Viper ACR with carbon fiber body. "Bellezza Needed" is the inspiration for this car which corresponds to a first power train and the U.S. be the first American to Alfa Romeo.

Heritage Zagaton driver following gentlemen, the race has ordered Alfa Romeo TZ3 Zagaton collector Martin Kapp. The first Alfa Romeo TZ3 Road was presented in the U.S., and Alfa Romeo Zagaton collector (and Board of Directors of the Saratoga Automobile Museum of Directors), Eric King. TZ3 Road No 2 and 3 is delivered in Japan and Europe.

The Corsa and two TZ3 TZ3 offers typical Stradale Kamm-tail (K-line) design. This solution became famous in Italy with the "trunk Coda" the body that have been tested by Zagato in the early 60's. Peaked in the Alfa Romeo TZ and TZ2. Kamm effect is part of the functional design process, which aims to aerodynamic efficiency. According to this document, the CX can keep the volume down at once so compact. The reduction in wind resistance is provided by Kamm tail design, without a very tight "release" form of the tail.

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