Chevrolet Caprice Police Patrol

Chevrolet made the annual grant to the International Association of Chiefs of Police convention in Denver, Colorado. Chevrolet Caprice PPV will be available for ordering next year and will reach the streets in early 2011.

Chevrolet notification of the annual International Association Chiefs of Police convention in Denver, Colorado. Chevrolet Caprice PPV ordering is available next year, and the streets in early 2011.

Une nouvelle marque Chevrolet Caprice Police Patrol Vehicle (PPV) if joindront les rangs des forces de l'ordre en Amérique du Nord en 2011. On est un établissement modern sedans powered pleine grandeur à la fois here offering V-8 V-6 moteurs et, plus une foule d'équipements spécialisés et des fonctionnalités.

Vice President, Global Brand Chevrolet Brent Dewar added, "Together for Tahoe, and Impala, Caprice police cars on patrol to give agencies a wider range of options for police and special service vehicles, which are all available in Chevrolet ".

"La nuova macchina della polizia Chevrolet Caprice è lo strumento giusto al momento giusto per l'applicazione della legge", ha detto Jim Campbell, direttore generale per la floated Operazione di marketing e GM. "Abbiamo chiesto a sacco di da parte dei clienti feedback alla polizia, che ci hanno aiutato has sviluppare che è meglio a veicolo che Crown Victoria in settori chiave".

Contrairement à voitures de police d'autres sur le marché, the Chevrolet Caprice PPV n'est pas sur un modèle ship is existant voiture "civile" vendus en Amérique du Nord. Il a été développé dans les domaines clés spécifiquement pour le service de police, qui comprend a équipement moderne et des fonctionnalités:

Powerful 6.0L V-8 with the fuel efficiency of fuel technology and asset management capabilities should accelerate E85 offers the best in its class of 00 to 60 (less than six seconds) and top speed, a V -6 is also available, from 2012 model year

Two frame mounted batteries, one of which is dedicated to the power of police equipment

Opcional en los asientos de aire delanteros cortinas sólo permite una valla lateral llena asiento trasero ancho de oficiales de seguridad

Compatibility with the technology in-dash touch screen computer

Designed for five passengers on seats: the top of the dashboard can be used to refer to the mounting hardware, without interference from air bag deployment

special seats designed for long-term employees of comfort whose car is their office efficiency, including space, which houses most of the belt of typical equipment

sièges avant il sont sculpted the "poche" of ceinture de l'équipement, ce qui pour un augment comfort her large éventail of police tailles. Le siège et le dossier du mousse coussin Surfaces densité d'insertion sont pour s'adapter contest done by the way différents d'une ceinture of articles in stock, Permet également à l'agent au repos n'est à bon laisse sur Escient the surface arrière.

Los asientos Chevrolet Caprice de Policía de la Patrulla de vehículos a representan en la comodidad y la revolución utilidad para los agentes que Pasan largas horas en su coche, "dijo Bob Demick, líder en el diseño de los asientos. "The shape of the entrada y salida Mejora también, por lo que es más Fácil para los agentes el vehículo to abandon rapidly. Refuerza case el, por ejemplo, han sido anuladas deliberadamente para ayuda en el portátil en el ceinture device, compris armas de fuego , gun eléctrica y las esposas, en la que descanso great bottom esculpida refuerza. También increases longevidad de la surface de la cubierta de compensación. "

The engineers have worked on several iterations of the seat, try a couple of versions in the comments field of the real world by police, who used his seat prototype cruise for a month. His contribution helped determine the final design.

mukavuus Yhdessä, materiaal paikkoja Myos huolellisesti valittu oli. Korka-kulutusta materiaal is valittu kestämään kestävät pitkiä työpäiviä jokapäiväisessä käytössä, hengittävyys mutt, Pitka aikavälin kestävyys ja helpp puhdistaa Myos tärkeitä kriteerejä.

classroom space for art

long wheelbase Chevrolet Caprice police car patrolling the area also affects exceptional. Compared with the primary competition, the advantages are:

El Chevrolet Caprice PPV if based en la familia vehículo GM global RWD sustains también que el Chevrolet Camaro. Usage for the mayor distancia entre ejes de la arquitectura - 118.5 pulgadas (3010 mm) - with a suspension independiente de cuatro Ruedas que ofrece a high-performance enhancing respuesta de conducción de características que son esenciales en algunos escenarios de la policía.

Increased internal volume - 112 cubic meters / 3,172 liters - the Ford Crown Victoria, of which nearly 4 inches (101 mm), more rear legroom

At 18 cubic feet (535 liters) of free space (above the battery is in trunk), the volume of the Caprice trunk is large enough to accommodate full-size spare tire beneath the smooth surface of the trunk in the storage area.

Obstacle to the front and the rear seat is positioned farther back, which allows full travel of the front seats and recline more officer convenience

Chevrolet Caprice 6.0-liter V-8 er til en normeret hestekræfter anslået 355 (265 kW), med en anslået £ drejningsmoment AF 384-ft. Det bakkes op en af-Trins automatgear seks, der er kalibreret performance-driven policy. Yderligere Politi bil-og funktioner speċifika drivaggregatet køretøj nævnes national system:

High output alternator

Engine oil, transmission and power steering coolers

steel wheels standard 18-inch bolt caps on the center

resistant suspension components

Font-calibrated system stability control

Driver information center dashboard feature selectable fast-tracking.

Large, Freins aux quatre roues à disque avec poids lourds freinage

A lot of additional features are also available, including packages of specialized equipment such as projectors, lock-outs for windows and locks, and a "secret" street appearance package (9C3).

Chevrolet Caprice patrol: A Brief History

To allow more space inside the equipment, the standard radio can be installed in the trunk, allowing the instrument panel, touch-screen device for use.

Full-size Chevrolet joined the force in 1976. All Chevrolet Caprice police cars - including a new, 2011 model - has 9C1 ordering code. Here's a quick look back on patrol Chevrolet:

Chevrolet history with law enforcement agencies are almost as old as the brand itself. police departments have used the Chevrolet sedans like the police cars for decades, their ordering with basic equipment and a powerful V-8 engines - including some of the specific machines that were not in standard production cars such as the 1959 Biscayne, which offered up to 315 horsepower.

1959 - Chevrolet Biscayne capaz of 135 km / h con versión especialmente Calibrade the policía solo a las 348 pulgada cubics, V-8 motor Policía

1965 - The new "big block" 396 engine offered in Biscayne and Bel Air police cars, making them among the most powerful on patrol, a 427 V-8 was added in 1966

1976 - 9C1 serial code is the first time in full-size Chevy police car package. It bears the name of the Impala.

1986 - The name replaces Caprice Impala, the car is updated to mid 1980 - including the option of a powerful 5.7-liter small block V-8.

1991 - A new generation is started with the Caprice police car 9C1 always on the beat.

1977 - Chevy hiipuu täysikokoinen. 9C1 Poliisi that paket säilytetty, Kutenai nimi Impala.

1994 - 260 hp (194 Nm), LT1 V-8 engine is available in the Caprice 9C1, making it one of the fastest police car ever offered in size.

1996 - Capricho poliisiauto tuotanto loppuu, kun GM: No täysikokoinen, elin-on-frame is lopetettu arkkitehtuuri car.

2011 - Chevrolet Caprice Police Patrol vehicles back in service.

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