Miray Chevrolet Concept

GM Korea introduced Chevrolet Concept Miray 2011-Seoul Motor Show. The roadster is celebrating the heritage of 100 years of the Chevrolet vehicle design beautiful to mark the newest on the market.

According to GM Korea, President and CEO Mike Arcamone, "Miray" is Korean for 'future. "As GM Chevrolet held throughout Korea, the concept Miray offers an examination of future possibilities for the brand. It strengthens the link between car and driver, which creates a new perspective on what sports car the future could be. "

Chevrolet Miray concept was developed at the studio of GM Advanced Design in Seoul. Combining advanced technology hybrid powertrain, advanced style, it balances iconic design elements Chevrolet with a vision of the future design of Chevrolet celebrates its Golden Jubilee in 2011.

Classic Exterior

Miray shelves Heritage Chevrolet sports car. It is small and open in 1963 Monza SS, and light and precise than the 1962 Corvair Super Spyder. His speech, like the fuselage aerodynamics of modern combat aircraft.

Made of carbon fiber and carbon fiber (carbon fiber reinforced plastic), wedged body divided in half-light angle on the edge, where the ambient lighting throughout. This creates an extensive line of accent light when the car is moving, when the warm light of the sculpted body. Le Mans racing style scissor doors open and out of the way for a dramatic inner voice.

The front offers a powerful reinterpretation of the face Chevrolet. Grid Chevrolet Concept Miray dual port is flanked by lamps with LED signing new DRL. The front and rear fenders evoke the Chevrolet Corvette from the past and express the spirit of sports concept car. In the corners, using carbon fiber spoiler control support and airflow.

Distinctive retractable flaps for additional appropriations to control and aerodynamic while providing access to the other side of the port facilities and port of the fuel on the other. The payment gateway also includes an external battery charge indicator. Each of the rear fender includes a single load space for storing small items. Beneath the surface Ducktail taillamps give a new interpretation of the spirit Chevrolet identity element.

Miray Chevrolet Concept features carbon fiber composite-aluminum wheels 20-inch front and 21-inch wheels at the rear. Turbine wakes strong movement theme, even when Miray is stationary.

The superior point of view cone improves the image of the deliberate Miray. From up there, the cab has a single diamond.

Inside Sport

The inside of the racing heritage of Chevrolet Miray echoes. As with the exterior, it builds fighter jets. Chevrolet Miray concept contains a mix of brushed aluminum, leather, white fabric and the surfaces of liquid metal, for a total production of sculptural speed.

The interior space is surrounded by a shell of carbon fiber, which gives it a light yet rigid structure. Its flowing, but a little tight, cockpit jacket close around the driver and passenger. The cockpit is driver-focused, inspired by the iconic sports car Chevrolet. However, the passenger is fully committed to driving experience.

asymmetrical seating capacity of the door, forming a symmetrical interior that gives the driver a feeling of being connected to the car. Ambient lighting, which starts from the upper instrument panel and flows into the zone file, add a luxurious feel. Seat cushions and headrests are connected by the carbon fiber hull and light mounted on a single track of aluminum. The area of ​​support for the head follows the external form, integration with a handkerchief in the air to the open-air driving.

The designers have adopted a unique approach to data display using a rear projection of the instrument panel. Information in front of the driver has been prioritized into three zones. Immediately in front of the car's performance. This is an area bounded on the left and right of navigation and the mileage figures. This will avoid unnecessary clutter, allowing the driver to concentrate on driving pleasure.

tap Downtown along the river in an aluminum frame, reminiscent of a fighter, and the nose gear down. The outer surface of the falls down to meet the inside of the console, which connects the front and rear of the car.

The button off is also inspired by a jet. When the button is pressed, the column-mounted meter cluster increases retractable awning as a jet fighter and "Projection interactive" appears on the white surface.

Shrink reversing cameras, which replace traditional mirrors, extending from the electrically operated side window. In city driving, the camera at the front works in conjunction with GPS navigation information overlaid with real-time video.

Fuel, high performance propulsion

Miray Chevrolet Concept concept has a "half-electric" propulsion system, which is mainly found under and behind the pilot, which maximizes performance and fuel efficiency.

"Most components of the propulsion system Miray is a logical extension of GM's portfolio of current technology," said Uwe Grebe, executive director of GM Powertrain Advanced Engineering. "This concept shows the potential reconfiguration scaling and expansion of propulsion technologies today. "

Miray Chevrolet Concept is pushed in front of two 15 kW electric motors by rapid acceleration and zero emission urban driving. The motors are powered by a rechargeable 1.6-kWh lithium-ion battery, which is loaded regenerative braking. Miray have the ability to switch to front wheel drive and rear wheel drive.

driving performance, the concept Miray Chevrolet 1.5-liter turbocharged four-cylinder combined with electric motors that provide torque control, and self-sacrifice for the right and left wheels necessary. high-tech engine, mounted behind the cab, to drive the rear wheels at the same time, seamless technology, electrification, setting a new standard in a compact roadster segment.

Dual-clutch transmission (DCT) to reduce the size of transmission by eliminating the torque converter. Shifts are quick and decisive. shift model is optimized to improve performance in high speed mode. start-stop system works with the DCT.

"The propulsion concept fits perfectly with the rest of the vehicle that offers excellent performance in a small footprint on the road and into the environment," said Arcamone. "By combining the propulsion technology of GM and visionary design, Miray Chevrolet Chevrolet Concept identifies future worldwide -. expressive, young and fun"

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