Opel Zafira Tourer Concept (2011) [Reviews]

The concept car Opel Zafira Tourer has its world premiere at the Geneva Motor Show 2011 (March 3-13). The vehicle offers a glimpse of the next generation Opel Zafira minivan trend. The concept car combines maximum flexibility with a high quality feel, resulting in an ideal mix of features and well-being. The concept car is an Opel Zafira Tourer "lounge on wheels" with a quality interior light, spacious and high-end that provides generous space for rear passengers. Insignia provides values ​​such as ambition, quality and innovative technologies for the MPV segment, Opel, while the artistic presentation of the sculptural design philosophy combined with German precision.

"We have transferred the concept of a relaxation room with a vehicle, and created an oasis of wellness machine, a place to relax and enjoy the passengers can withdraw from the room and 'a nice, spacious room, where you really want to be -.. Whether it's a business trip or relaxing after a long journey, "says Mark Adams, Head of Design Opel. "Opel Zafira Tourer Concept expresses an opinion, with its sporty look and feel premium."

Zafira trends flexibility as an oasis of luxury wellness

True feeling of being within Tourer Opel Zafira concept is bathed in light through a panoramic windscreen that runs perfectly in a generous glass roof that extends to the rear of the car. A special touch is the second part of the high-tech composite material that is illuminated from the side of the LEDs. Tiny metal particles are embedded in the plastic to reflect light and emit a pleasant and warm light that can vary in shades of yellow. This reinforces the intimate lounge atmosphere and ready in a brilliant, while achieving a harmonious balance with the outside world.
In the Tourer Concept Zafira, Opel's engineers developed the seven-passenger seating Flex7 concept developed by the Zafira, so it is more sophisticated than ever.

The third row can still be folded completely to the ground in the innovative Zafira Tourer Concept. Fully automatic at the touch of a button, the five-seat configuration then be transformed into a spacious four-passenger rear seat with a sense of class and character show. Thank you to a clever folding mechanism further, the rear middle seat in the second row folds to provide comfortable armrest for the passengers in the outboard seats. They push against each other and create maximum space for passengers arms and legs, which guarantees optimal comfort. With the footrest extended is the perfect place to relax created - the perfect place to relax.

Tilting three-way head restraints are also electrically powered, and add a spacious first-class nature of the cabin Tourer Concept Opel Zafira. For security reasons, will remain in an upright position headrests for the driver when the car is moving. In the lounge setting, with the exception of the headrest of the driver, turn 90 degrees to the horizontal plane and the external elements of the curve slightly forward - pure well-being of passengers.

Clarity play a major role in the comfort and well-being in the front row, where a large touch screen dominates the center console. A covered storage compartment above which can accommodate a Tablet PC as an iPad. Heating can be controlled by two buttons on the screen and look through the touch buttons.

Thank you for your flexibility, and a pin mounted on the front seat of a new Tablet PC, the second-row passengers can comfortably surf the Web or multimedia control applications.

The seats are designed of high quality leather with caramel-color stitching and stitched seams, unlike cocoa brown trim is dark, deep soft carpeting and a host of quality materials, soft-touch, said minivan is the exclusivity.

Appearance: As an elegant high-speed train

The spacious interior and warm dark brown and caramel colors are encapsulated by an elegant, sculptural, sophisticated exterior design Frost liquid metal, a special metallic silver-gray.

The new front spoiler with distinctive headlamps and trapezoidal grille double take creates a dynamic and sporty.
LED technology wing-shaped AFL bi-xenon headlights and fog lamps are all contained behind a Plexiglas cover unique. Fog lamps, encased in a polished aluminum highlights as a block of blue frosted acrylic and contrast of the warmth from within. These visual elements shortening the front overhang. The typical Opel crease in the center of the CAP will grill windshield.

As the Astra Sport Tourer, Zafira sweeping belt line up in a hockey stick-like gestures and visual helps propel the vehicle forward. The silhouette is reminiscent of a high speed. The sleek, aerodynamic bodywork significantly reduces wind noise to ensure quiet cruising, even at high speeds.

The aerodynamically optimized outer mirrors that house lights are like jewels locked in a brushed aluminum style. These details of high quality finish are included in the molding of the size of the side window and roof rails.

The taillights on a dark green signature film LED technology in the body and the tailgate. The horizontal bar of aluminum with the logo of Opel extends far into the elements of light, giving the concept car sports Tourer Opel Zafira broad back. The dual exhaust includes a parallelogram to another aluminum bar at the bottom of the fairing, adding to its dynamic look.

Innovative design and technology improves the appearance and comfort

The 20-inch wheels double-spoke alloy metal gray painted matte black minivans include both natural athletic and character of the upper class. The contrast with the rays polished aluminum surfaces of cut diamonds that make them stand against the dark background of the tires.
There is also a smart, exclusive details hidden behind five integrated thin blankets on the shelves. Opel engineers designed them as decorative and functional protective wheel nut. They can be unlocked quickly and easily, and covers the opening in a star-shaped to provide access to bolts. The 245/40 R20 tires add an extra touch of comfort sport.

Opel Zafira Tourer Concept is powered by a new version of the reduced fuel 1.4-liter Turbo with the Start / Stop technology, which offers a smooth ride for all passengers.

Opel Zafira Tourer Concept is also equipped with innovative technologies that improve comfort and security as a damping system FlexRide fully adaptive.

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