Renault R-Space Concept (2011) At The Geneva Motor Show 2011

Renault displays an overview of his thinking at the meeting with the new concept Scenic R-Space in 2011, the Geneva Motor Show. This is a show car 4.3 m in length, which is designed to add some spice to today where Scenic prefer a more sober style.

The look of a new type developed by Renault's new design chief Laurens van den Acker is present and correct: There is a large diamond on the nose and heaps more character than the current SUV. And see the panoramic windscreen that fits perfectly into the roof with a checkerboard of variable transparency.

R-Space is the latest in a series of concept cars Renault, and each is designed to represent a second phase of life. The car was Dezire sports - rightly - red for crossover Capture Juke-style orange (for the mode of the mountain style "Explore"), while the family focuses on the R-space is colored honey.

The interior of the 2011 Renault R-Space

suicide doors open to reveal the opening without a great pillar Handclap B. The cabin of the R-space is designed to represent the family home, seat passengers sit in two front seats, sofa-style bench in the back.

Do not go back to wait for packages intelligent R-Space based production to survive, however. Twenty-seven engines to power a miniature cubes coated in a pop-up or down to set the back space to accommodate adult passengers, children or luggage. They are so intelligent, that could create a "booster seats and benches for adults, children or less flat to create a smooth bay. 21In As with wheels, this is certainly asking too much away in the production of MPV.

What's under the bonnet of Renault R-space?

R-Space is powered by a 900cc three-cylinder turbo. It develops 109bhp and announces the new series comes TCE Renault in 2012. At 0.9, the direct injection and stop-start.

It is another example of downsizing: Renault says that mixing performance of 1.6, produced only 95 g / km of CO2 and averages 76mpg. The concept car mates the motor to a gearbox with double clutch.

Top speed? 124 mph and 0-62 mph takes 11sec. This form is a huge improvement over Ditchwater Scenic style today - it is aerodynamic, too. Renault quotes a drag coefficient 0.28.

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