Hyundai Verna [reviews]

Hyundai Motor Co. has hosted the world premiere of his new Hyundai Verna in 2010 Beijing Auto Show. Sloping roof with its catchy, the new subcompact model, Hyundai third of China and exclusive projects an image of a dynamic coupe that is both majestic athletic, and futuristic.

Developed over a period of five years eloquently for the Chinese market, the product planners conducted extensive market research of Chinese consumer tastes and trends to ensure that every detail is in accordance with local requirements. Built on an entirely new platform to the highly automated factory of the company in Beijing, Hyundai Verna targeting China's strategic segment C1 and fully reflects Hyundai's philosophy on quality.

"Today is very special to us, not only because we are launching a new car, but because it is one of the few times we've made a first world outside Korea: And who chose to do here in China because it is our way recognize the importance of our Chinese customers are to us, "said Euisun Chung, vice president of Hyundai Motor in the Beijing Auto Show 2010. "In 2009 we recorded a growth of 94 percent year on year in China and have sold over 2 million cars since its arrival in 2002. We're not losing momentum, further expand our portfolio in China with our models more elegant and advanced as the Verna and our new compact SUV ix35 -.

To minimize fuel consumption without compromising performance, Hyundai Verna is powered by a new generation of gasoline engine with multiport fuel injection range. Hyundai Verna offers best-in-class consumption, promise to be consistent with Hyundai industrys ecological leader. It responds with Stage 3 fuel economy in China - two years ahead of schedule.

Includes all the aluminum to save weight, 1.6-liter DOHC Range 90.4kW @ 6300 rpm and 155Nm of peak torque @ 4200 rpm allows a smooth transfer to four-speed automatic transmission.

the price-conscious car buyers, the bottom Hyundai Verna is a 1.4L DOHC edition offered range puts out 78.7kW @ 6300 rpm and 135.4Nm @ 5000 rpm and choose the five-speed manual or four-speed automatic. Fuel economy is estimated at 5.7l/100km 6.2l/100km manual with automatic (1.4L fuel economy Package).

These impressive performance made possible by several improvements to the engine, continuously variable valve timing, an intelligent alternator and air conditioning compressor and the adoption of power steering motor.

Verna hugs the ground with a new low-floor platform and a sloping roof, which contributes to the impressive aerodynamics Hyundai Verna and superior fuel economy.

Stainless steel ultra-high strength was used for the car to increase the overall stiffness of the structure of the body for superior crash protection: Hyundai Verna performs security best-in-class, designed to meet APCC 5 stars. Thank you to the extremely rigid body, the suspension is more firmly anchored thereby improving ride and handling characteristics and to eliminate vibration and noise booming.

Hyundai Verna step "the longest-in-class" and his bass, giving more stability and very elegant, but without penalty to the cabin. In fact, the size of the entire cabin are greater than their potential competitors. And the frame, measuring a spacious 454L can accommodate up to four golf bags plus three small bags. So not only does it look good, but very practical.

Hyundai Verna will be built at the company highly automated factory in Beijing from July 2010 and will be sold in the second half of this year. Hyundai will launch on the Chinese market first, then gradually introduce it to other regions.

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