Citroen C5 [reviews]

Recognized as one of the best models of style in its segment, the Citroen C5 has been subtly modernized. The modifications allow the car to maintain its character while making it immediately visible and recognizable on the road.

LEDs have been added under the headlights. After an active day and night, along with the light guides are subtly enhance the car's signature light. Headlights to maintain all current operations, as the lights Xenon dual function of light direction and angle.

The taillights of a new "Dark Crystal", treatment with transparent glass in the center section.

e-HDi micro-hybrid technology with dramatic results

Citroen C5 unveiled a new micro-hybrid technology is widely used in many models in the range. Initially, it is available for the HDi 110 FAP version with shift paddles on the steering wheel with electronic EGS6 and tires with low rolling resistance.

A micro-hybrid technology consists of a second generation Stop & Start system, which maintains a starter or an alternator reversible, which boasts improved performance. Power is increased by the first-generation system, that 70%, and 2.2 kW, and now includes a power unit. Mounting system is the world's first diesel passenger cars.

Start-up will be only 400 ms, the first starting time, and will remain completely transparent to users. Noise is eliminated by means of timing belt instead of gears of a conventional starter. The vibration is eliminated - the beginning and clippings - using a dual-mass flywheel, and Sealed Air Control, and the realization of the slowdown in the fastest speed.

Supports on-board network, called e-booster, increases the supply of electricity through a super-charger output, temporarily increase the power of the battery. This system has several advantages, such as:

an increase in the energy transmitted by improving the capabilities of starting at temperatures of -5 ° C;

support through the transparency of the entire board network in the energy required by the alternator to maintain the performance of lighting, wipers and radio;

function, which optimizes the battery and the super-sound energy recovery, when the riders take the foot off the pedal, or slows down, that has grown from a small engine braking.

The e-Citroën C5 HDi is also fitted with a water seal optimized the size of a maximum of 600,000 cycles rebooting. Engine suspension has been improved in the Citroen C5 for comfort during stops and restarts.

The new device reduces fuel consumption Citroen C5 and CO2 emissions. In combined cycle, the diesel model consumes 4.6 liters per 100 km and emit 120 g / km of CO2. Urban environment, a cycle, fuel consumption and CO2 emissions by up to 15% less.

Citroen C5 HDi 200 FAP, a mixture of power and economy

A new engine made its appearance in the range Citroën C5, the new generation 2.2-liter engine takes in-the-progress board power, emissions of torque, quiet fuel consumption and CO2 emissions. Improvements to this engine is in line with those already used on other diesel units in the region (4 - cylinder, 1.6 liter and 2 liter, 3 liter V6). They mainly concern the common rail system, which is now the third generation, with a maximum injection pressure of 2000 bar, keep ECCS combustion chamber (Extreme Conventional Combustion System) technology and a lower compression (16-1) for enhanced reliability and silence reduce emissions. Feeding the engine is still using two turbochargers, which set up parallel sequential offers plenty of torque from low revs.

Citroen C5 HDi 150 develops 200 kilowatts (204 hp) at 3500 rpm and maximum torque EEC of 450 Nm at 2,000 rpm. Coupled to a gearbox 6-speed automatic, the engine has a remarkable performance, with a top speed of 230 km / h (225 km / h for the Tourer), 0-100 km / h in 8.3 seconds ( 8.6) and combined cycle fuel consumption of 5.9 l/100 km (6.1). The sedan emits 155 g / km of CO2 and Tourer 159 g / km. As the Citroën C5 HDi 240 FAP, said the new version of visually with dual chrome exhaust outlets.

Citroen C5 EGS6 VTi 120, the new petrol power unit set Citroen C5 is now available on a new gasoline engine coupled with a 6-speed electronic gearbox system (EGS6). Developed for the BMW Group, the 1.6-liter engine develops 88 kW EEC (120 bhp). EGS6 gearbox mated to a wheel-mounted paddles, a combined fuel consumption of 6.2 l/100 km and CO2 emissions are 144 g / km.

Citroen C5 eTouch AVAILABLE

ETouch Citroen C5 is now available. Consists of a package of services such as emergency calls for help, Citroen eTouch also offers a virtual service, and a record of eco-driving service can MyCitroen personal area on the web. Calls, Citroen eTouch operates completely independently. The system is equipped with a GPS and a SIM card, which does not need to call the plan, and unlimited time. The vehicles are two buttons, "SOS" for emergency calls (the call is automatically activated even if the effect) and the "Double Chevron", calls for help. Emergency information for customers to receive faster emergency services, accident victims and bystanders. Two services are free and available 24-7.

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