BMW 1 Series Coupe M (2011) MotoGP Safety Car

BMW M Division has launched a test version of its future Coupe 1 Series-M, which made its debut 2011 MotoGP Safety Car in the race of the season's opening MotoGP in Qatar on March 20.

BMW 1 Series Coupe M MotoGP Safety Car - the truth

Visually, there have been some changes over the 1M road going, that should go on sale in April 2011. Leaf new bonnet is made of carbon fiber, there are more installed splitter front bumper and side and rear windows made of polycarbonate and an adjustable rear wing. N. light bar on the roof official reporting functions and the package is wrapped in a color to suit hard M

Inside, a partially stripped inside-out with a bolt in cage, replacing the rear seats, a pair of lightweight Recaro racing buckets in front with six-point harnesses and a fire extinguisher.

The suspension should follow the upgrade made the suspension geometry and shock absorbers to meet every 18 circuits of the MotoGP. blacks 19-inch wheels and tires (255/35 front and 285/35 rear) to hide thicker than a six-piston brake racing.

The only significant part of the car transmission is left unmodified. Under the hood ventilated seat of the standard 3.0-liter, 335bhp turbocharged inline six-cylinder engine mated to a six-speed manual.

MotoGP? Could not have a motorcycle safety? Why use a 1 Series BMW M Coupe?

And where safety on a bike that meets the bar of light? BMW M has provided support vehicles in MotoGP since 1999, with the M Coupe Series 1 marks 13 years as official supplier. 1M addition, BMW also provide cars and M3 X6M safety reserve for 2011. The organizers of MotoGP has been given a BMW X5M safety officer and a BMW X6 ActiveHybrid for goalkeepers. MotoGP car care is a BMW 535i Touring, and provide additional security of two bikes: a BMW S1000 RR and a BMW HP2 Sport.

Any chance of harder, faster 1-Series Coupe M?

Very little. BMW M Division has seen both a convertible version of the CSL and M-1 series, but their engineers are questionable, the request is not the first, and the case could set a M3 CSL then (possibly on the same level price as a M3) will not see daylight either.

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