Mercedes AMG Roadster SLS (2011) More Photos

AMG has released a total portfolio of images for future SLS AMG Roadster, which gives us the first comprehensive view of the drop-top sports car V8, before his debut in the fall of 2011.

SLS Mercedes AMG Roadster: the lowdown (top-down)

Off come the SLS Gullwing doors, is the roof structure and a set of hinged doors to match the classic convertible hood. It is a soft-top electric drive with three layers of glass heated rear window, capable of making the transition from "the English summer ..." Closed "does not rain! Opened in 11 seconds. The roof folds in a Z-shaped break behind the seats above the trunk, in only 173 liters 3 liters lsoes SLS court, and make its act of rapid change at a speed of 31 mph. You can have your top SLS Roadster is soft on the outside and inside eight nine standard colors black, red or beige depending on your choice.

Inside it is almost the same within the SLS, lower thresholds and new armrests and card design to match the door of conventional doors. Climate control Airscarf headrest is optional, but fixed roll bars, eight airbags and a slot-in plastic air deflector is standard with SLS AMG Roadster. Also on the options list is interior Bang & Olufsen BeoSound AMG hello-fi, and AMG Performance Media: a timing system and telemetry, which includes mobile Internet access.

Mercedes AMG Roadster SLS: chassis and dynamics

Removing the roof coupe SLS is required further strengthening of the aluminum space frame structure. Extra reinforcement has been installed behind the dashboard that the semi-sills and behind the cab, well-established pillars. The end result is that the Roadster tips the scales at 1660kg, 40kgs more than the Coupé. Comparing SLS Roadster in front of the other two-seater equipped with the V8, aluminum-bodied Aston Martin V8 Vantage Roadster is 1690kg unladen weight, while the composite-bodied Chevrolet Corvette Grand Sport convertible is a relatively slender 1492kg.

SLS AMG Roadster is equipped with a reduction in the fixed interest rate, but the AMG adaptvie three levels of damping Ride Control is a watch list. With the new roadster, has Comfort, Sport and Sport + suspension settings, and have offered to SLS after the Roadster Coupe has been launched.

Mercedes AMG Roadster SLS: power and performance

SLS AMG Roadster retains 6.2-liter AMG engine coupe, with the transmission rate seven-speed AMG Shift, which maintains the bridge location and torque tube carbon fiber to 47:53 front: rear weight distribution . V8 makes 563bhp at 6800rpm and 479 pounds feet of torque at 4750rpm. Mercedes quotes a 3.8sec 0-62 mph time and a top speed of 197 mph for SLS AMG Roadster.

This type of statistics you can guess the fuel economy is not going to remain silent Prius Hollywood contingent - 21.4mpg combined and 308g/km CO2, and the dynamic energy recovery system to reduce the load on the charger, but not the automatic engine stop-start or an activation function of the cylinder. Best practices for the entire life-cycle energy consumption and the questionable purity of hybrid technology, mantra, or buy carbon offset credits to soothe your conscience.

When I can buy SLS Mercedes AMG Roadster?

If you have been tempted by muscular AMG two-seater, but he did not like the butterfly doors, the court is hello Mercedes dealership in November 2011. Prices for the UK market has not yet been announced, but a coupe starts SLS currently £ 168 395 and European list price for the Roadster will be € 195,160 (169,208 pounds), including VAT. Wait a premium for the SLS hood when it arrives in the UK, just in time for winter. O Christmas, if you're feeling generous.

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