Holden VE Ute SSV II (2011)

VE and WM series II marks the latest versions of most popular cars in Australia, cars, SUVs and luxury long wheelbase. new range of Holden has been the refinement of the formula that made the Commodore unit sold nation for 14 consecutive years by the introduction of chip technology, multimedia, better fuel economy and implementation capacity in environmental bio-ethanol .

VE Series II offers more features for multimedia applications Commodore than ever thanks to an information and entertainment system that offers full allnew Bluetooth ®, USB and integration across the iPod line.

Known as the Holden-iQ, the system is controlled by a chip, a user-friendly touch screen mounted in the center console - the cornerstone of an updated interior design on all models.

The introduction of music to add a factory plug-and-play and the ability to copy and store up to 15 CDs with built-in flash drive, the system also provides advanced satellite navigation on certain models including Live Alerts conditions allow drivers to avoid traffic congestion delays.

The technology includes intelligent Commodore Series II powertrain lineup, offering further improve fuel economy on all models.

Holden is a thrifty 3.0-liter V6 SIDI hours achieved by the fuel economy of 9.1 liters per 100 km in the official test ADR81/02. Two percent to 13 percent improvement in fuel consumption over the profits made in September last year, when the technology Direct Injection Spark Ignition engine was presented to the Commodore range.

The 3.6-liter V6 Sidi used to provide models Commodore, average fuel economy gains of more than three percent of all models, while luxury and performance powered by Holden V8 Gen IV improvements averaging more than six percent.

In a major step towards creating a cleaner fuel Australian landscape, customers in the series II could also drive their cars on bio-ethanol which are known in many markets such as E85, a blend containing up to 85 percent ethanol and 15 percent gasoline.

Bio-ethanol is a renewable fuel that can be made from a variety of waste products from the production of wheat and sugar and even households. In Australia today the use of fuel reduces emissions of lifecycle CO2 by almost 40 percent compared to gasoline.

A first for an Australian car manufacturing, models of the Series II V6-powered 3.0-liter and 6.0 liter V8 Sidi flex-fuel capability, so they can run on bioethanol E10, without lead, Premium, or a combination of both.


For the long wheelbase luxury vehicles will see Series II Holden buyers offer two versions of its well-defined flagship model Caprice.

The introduction of a series of updated WM Series II in September marks the beginning of the Holden Caprice V-Series.

The luxury sport V-Series designation matches other premium Holden and identifies this model as a premium.

Assembly is on the Caprice Series II, which shares the stretched silhouette, the 18-inch alloy wheels and a strong design character of its counterpart.

With this move, Holden Statesman badge completes its long-term.

Smart technology - Holden-iQ

Holden-iQ system brings music, telephone and satellite navigation functions for models of the Series II in a clear and user friendly.

The objective of the system is a fully integrated 6.5-inch multifunction color touch screen LCD mounted in the center console of all vehicles on the full range of Series II.

With color graphics, rich, the screen went into high-end multimedia products such as computers, phones and video games, offering a wide range of audio-visual functions.

Music can be played via an iPod ®, USB stick, CD or transmitted wirelessly from a mobile phone connected. iPod and USB devices plugged into the dedicated connector placed inside the center console, and all the music files playback from compatible devices controlled via the touchscreen.

Holden-iQ will also be a "Virtual Box", the CD recording, which replaces the mechanical collector system of the previous models is the ability to extract and save up to 15 CDs with built-in flash drive. The system supports CDDA, CD-R, CD-RW, MP3 and WMA. DVD systems, if any, including the touchscreen Holden-iQ.

New Bluetooth ® enhances the driving experience of hands-free mobile phone. It syncs Address Book with a compatible phone and call history shows the latest information on the touch screen. Outgoing calls can be made through the contact list or a dedicated key on the keyboard screen.

The system for high-function navigation Holden-iQ the standard on SS V-Series, Calais V-Series and Caprice models, provides a crisp, color mapping system, intuitive controls, traffic information in real time Speed ​​tips and points of interest functions. The voice command is integrated into the car audio system.

It also includes a touch screen keyboard to facilitate easy insertion of the text, view and 3D isometric map display and turn-by-turn route guidance and audio.

At the same models (except Ute) touch screen also has a rear camera display that is activated when reverse gear is selected. A strong security measure, color display works in parallel with audible Park Assist and work to see all the obstacles directly behind the vehicle.

fuel economy and CO2 emissions

Holden engineers and designers working on the series II, has introduced a number of changes to produce an increase in average fuel economy for all V6 models and a 2.8 percent gain in average fuel economy of all V8 models six percent - to a combined average of just over four percent in the virtual world and WM range of the World Series.

Changes include the aerodynamic improvements, which reduces fuel consumption by reducing drag co-efficient and mechanical modifications of the vehicle. Omega and Berlina models were also fitted with low rolling resistance tires.

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